“Moved From Sorrow To Joy is a journey through Psalm 119. Together we’ll take a deeper look at one who experienced a lifetime of suffering.”

Dearest Reader, 

The last time we met, I posed the question,What makes you weep?” 
“What makes you weep? Grief, sorrow, loss of routine. A long season of suffering or too long in the wilderness? Is it physical pain, chronic disease, spiritual or emotional? Loss or grief? Or both?”
Moving from sorrow to joy as we encounter the frailty in our humanness takes something or someone beyond ourselves. In other words, we need a reliable source and continuous sustenance.
As I have found myself led deeper into the wilderness, I’ve shed copious amounts of tears. Each time anyone of my kind and compassionate doctors leans and says the words, “There is no cure.” I ask, “Wasn’t once and, then, twice enough?” I want you to know I was the tiniest bit miffed to find myself here again.

Moving Through My Season of Suffering

Moving through my season of suffering, God brought Psalm 119 to me early in 2020 before adding more layers to my Chronic Disease.
I had begun digging in before I realized there was more going on with my body. Many sleepless nights, I reached for my Bible opening the pages, seeking words of comfort. Psalm 119 is where I found them.
I’ve since learned the writer of Psalm 119 was in a long season of suffering and affliction. Here we see a man who suffered over a lifetime. And, as a result, he continually called out to God.

As the Psalmist moved through his long season of affliction, God was his source, and His Word sustained him. 

I want to be like the Psalmist, walking through the wilderness moved to utter dependence on God.
I’ll share with you the things I’ve learned from this beautiful Psalm as you navigate your wilderness. The writer of Psalm 119 experienced a long season of affliction, and yet he continually relied on God and His Word. His life, riddled with ups and downs, mountains and valleys.
“This is my comfort in my affliction that your promise gives me life.” Psalm 119:50
Christopher Ashe, in his commentary on Psalm 119, calls this chapter in the Psalms, “The Heartbeat Of The Bible.”

I want Psalm 119 to be the heartbeat of our wilderness journey. 

Moved From Sorrow To Joy is a journey through Psalm 119. Together we’ll take a more in-depth look at one who experienced a lifetime of suffering.

I’m excited to share my journey through Psalm 119 with you! I hope you will join me!
Lastly, I am here to encourage you, equip you, and guide you as you redefine your wilderness.

Your Wilderness Guide,


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“There is no space to live well or love well, much less pursue the God who created us to be in fellowship with Him. We close the gap between what we need and what we want with more. Our spinning lives and broken hearts are empty while appearing full. We paste a smile on our face and tell anyone who asks we are okay while inside we are shattering a million different ways.” -Mornings In The Word.