“Looking to Jesus amid uncertainty is hanging on to the one sure thing I can count on and trust. It’s scraping for a piece of holy ground in the unholy hard.”

Dearest Reader,

It’s been an eventful season in The Wilderness Place. “A long season of suffering.” (K.J. Ramsey)

My bump in the road seems small compared to the current state of events. Still, I’m weary and worn near thin with the weight of it all.

Suffering is not my choice. To suffer is to lose control, and well, that’s not my best skill. Instead, I’d rather tie it all up in a neat and tidy bow. I want it fixed, done, over. Period.

However, fixing my eyes on Jesus is the One sure thing in this messy chronic life it’s the only way to redefine the wilderness of suffering.

Looking to Jesus amid uncertainty is hanging on to the one sure thing I can count on and trust.

When we anchor ourselves to the Word of God, fix our eyes on Jesus, we stand on the promises of God. Beloved, we need to know God’s promises. We hold in our hands the living, breathing Word of God. It’s Who He is and what He promises. The assurances are many.

In the book of Zephania, the prophet is prophesying to Judah under the reign of King Josiah. Three chapters with a total of fifty-three verses pack a punch with a list of “I will,” statements from God.

Along with the “I will,” statements, His character, who He is, everything we need to walk through uncertainty, and your unholy hard are threaded throughout Zephania.

Precious One, look with me in the book of Zephania. 

Zephaniah’s name means “Yahweh has hidden/protected.” That alone gets me!

We learn:

  • God will judge the whole earth.
  • God is Covenant Keeper.
  • He wants to extend his blessing and grace to all people and nations.
  • Judgment and blessing occur both then and now.
  • Every generation can partake of God’s covenant.

Chapter three is laden with “I will” statements.

I will:

  • Change hearts.
  • Deal with your oppressors.
  • Leave a remnant.
  • Save.
  • Change shame into praise.
  • Gather those who mourn.
  • Gather the outcast.
  • Make you known as mine.
  • Restore.
  • Rejoice over you.
  • Sing over you.
  • Quiet you with my love.

Looking to Who God is, what He promises, trust, and know we are held up by his “I will” statements, then, we find refuge amid our uncertainty.

Yahweh hides and protects us in our uncertainty. He is a mighty refuge in your unholy hard.

Beloved, as we look to Jesus amid uncertainty, hanging on to the One sure thing we can count on and trust, we stand on holy ground in the unholy hard.

“Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Your fathfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.” Psalm 119:89&90

Zephania shows us a God we can believe and trust. Will you trust Him?

Beloved, hope in and rely on the Breath of God. Allow the Word of God to lift your eyes from your painful present, and anchor you in His Word.

As we cling to God’s Word, we are comforted and given hope in our affliction. 

Lastly, I am here to encourage you, equip you, and guide you as you redefine your wilderness.

Your Wilderness Guide,


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