Pushed Farther Than I Wanted To Go

Essays From A Chronic Life

Dearest Reader,

The wilderness pushed me farther than I wanted to go last week. Uninvited and without my permission. Life paused without permission.

Can you feel my frustration? Have you, Dearest Reader, experienced the same?

Pushed farther than I wanted to go by an illness of all things. 

Last week I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a train. The train conductor, he was kind. He came back and ran me down a second time. Or so it felt.

Living with Chronic Disease, a simple cold gets complicated. An illness will sideline you for days, even weeks.

Frustrated, at the end of my rope, I assessed all the things. Evaluating where you are is part of Chronic Disease. Management is key.

I made the call to my physician, explained my suspicion, and got in the car with my Sweet Man.

Pushed farther into the wilderness with the Shingles.

An uninvited, unwanted guest. My only choice; pause and rest. I knew better than to dig in on this one. I’ve had the Shingles once before and vehemently declared I would recognize them should they afflict me again.

Nodding in affirmation to my doctor’s instructions, we made our way home via the pharmacy. Honestly, I wanted to cry. In this case, I fought the urge.

My plans, my to-do list, even my normal-abnormal felt sabotaged for a skinny minute.

Beyond the skinny minute, I began to feel a sense of freedom. Upon reflection, I realized I had been pushing myself, packing my schedule, bypassing much-needed rest. Truth is I was tired. Weary. Not quite empty, but surely close.

Pushing pause for a week felt restful, decadent even. A full week of pajama days, free of cosmetics, alarms, and blank pages lay before me.

Don’t misunderstand me; I was not happy about feeling worse. Feeling bad every minute of every day gets tiring.

Wears you thin.

However, there is a purpose in the pause.

There are benefits from a pause.

A pause, a reset, brings refining. Refining makes us better and stronger.  Pausing renews and refreshes, makes us better for the work God has called us too.

To pause is to rest, and resting restores. Thus, there is a purpose in the pause.

When pushed farther into the wilderness, a pause makes space for refining, renewing, and refreshing.

If you are overwhelmed, frustrated, weary, and worn thin, consider pausing today.

Pausing redefines the wilderness. 

I am here to encourage you, equip you, and guide you as you redefine your wilderness. You can comment below or send a private email to tlmashburn@yahoo.com.

Your Wilderness Guide,

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