What I Learned From the Disciples

Help My Unbelief 

Dearest Reader,

We are speeding towards July. The Summer Solstice has come and gone. Dark grows longer than light. My flowers are exploding with blooms. I’m not sure where you are today, but as for me, I’m longing for time to slow down.

Summer days permit me to linger in the mornings, dawdle in the evenings while sitting on my deck watching the dahlias, zinnias, and poppies dance in the breeze.

Earlier this morning, I read Mark, chapter 8, focusing on verses 1-9. The Word of God, its aliveness, gives me life. Each time I approach the Scriptures, familiar passages, God surprises me with something new.

What I learned from the disciples from Mark, chapter 8 this morning caused me to pause a bit.

What I learned was the disciples were everyday, ordinary people like me and you. They too struggled in their faith, and they were walking, talking, watching, and sharing life with Jesus.

I confess, here in this passage, I wanted to point my finger at the disciples. And then I took inventory of my struggling faith. Granted, I didn’t have what they had-living and walking with Jesus in his human form.

The flipside of that is this; I learned as Believers, you and I have more.

We have his Holy Spirit living within us, guiding us, and teaching us. Still, I struggle in my unbelief.

We have the Old Testament and the New Testament; story after story of real lives and God’s faithfulness.

In Luke 17:5, the Apostles asked Jesus to help their unbelief. I wrote that passage of Scripture into a prayer, tucked it in my book of prayers from Scripture.

So excited at what I learned from the Disciples I put together this in-depth teaching just for you.

I would be delighted if you would share your thoughts.

  • What did you learn?
  • How did the passage affect you personally?
  • What can we do when our faith is being dented and pushed around?
  • How and where can we see God’s faithfulness in difficult circumstances?

You can share your thoughts in the comments below, or if you prefer it, send me an email.

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Your Wilderness Guide,

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