“Sabbath rest beneath a blanket of prayers was a gift to my cold feet and purple toes.

Numb fingers worrying her stitches, this personalized gift that has humbled and awed “

Dearest Reader,

Our weather vacillates from warmish to cold, teasers of spring warmth sprinkled sparingly in the south. Currently, rebellious snowflakes are floating down. Trees and flowers have bloomed though we have lost the beauty of my favorite purple wisteria blossoms now faded brown, nipped by last week’s frost.

My frustrations with the weather are partly due to our unseasonably hard winter and my aching bones — Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome-P.O.T.S.for short. Cold is not my friend, nor the heaping layers of other things wrecking my body.

Last week, Lola alerted me to the Postal Carrier lumbering down our gravel drive with an unexpected gift.

The box weighty, indicated a significant gift. Neatly tucked in pink tissue paper, folded just so, lay a lovely blanket.

Separated by miles, three different states, and two time zones, technology tightly weaved our stories together. It is a beautiful picture of discipleship, one I would not trade.

We meet up regularly for virtual morning coffee sharing our burdens, our dreams, and prayers.

I had watched my Sister in Christ through the winter months, envious of her skill, working on a knitting project. Her calm demeanor with each movement stirred curiosity and a small amount of envy — me asking questions, she working away.

Imagine my surprise and tears when I removed the pink tissue.

Each stitch, each connecting of the needle to yarn, was a sowing of whispered prayers.

An exquisite gift.

Prayers whispered from far away over what has been a hard season for me and mine.

Dearest One, never underestimate the power of a praying friend. Surrounding yourself with prayer warriors will carry you through difficult times. In return, be a prayer warrior, you are needed.

Nurturing came through her sowing of whispered prayers and warmth.

Upon returning home yesterday, cold straight through my bones, a deep, powerful ache all over; I rested on the sofa, tucking her prayers and blanket over me. Peaceful sleep settled over me. Warmth soothed the aching.

The gift of discipleship will leave a lasting legacy. Invest your prayers. Sow your seeds of God’s Word into someone else and watch Him as they too are nourished in the wilderness.

Sabbath rest beneath a blanket of prayers was a gift to my cold feet and purple toes. Numb fingers worrying her stitches, this personalized gift that has humbled and awed. 

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