“The power of words can either freeze us or compel us forward.

Taking the stack of papers from her hand, I leaned in closer, asking, “There’s more?”

Dearest Reader,

Three and a half years ago, I wrote the words, “This moment, this place in time, sitting in my Doctor’s private domain, my heart pounds. I hear it in my ears. Feel it down to my toes.”

Yesterday I spent five hours in my neurologist’s office, massaging my aching knees and staring at a file six inches thick, wondering to myself do the inches represent the years? I have been living, moving, breathing, in the wilderness for six years. Six long years.

A thick file lay on the table overflowing with labels, lists, specialists, and more diagnosis’ I did not want.

The power of words can either freeze us or compel us forward.

And, Here I find myself again.

Taking the stack of papers from her hand, I leaned in closer, asking, “There’s more?”

I am thankful for the compassion in her voice when she begins to explain this new thing, the options, the specialist, and possible treatments.

Again, I hear the words, “There is no cure, only management.”

Really? Lord? Are we here AGAIN? Of course, just as all the times before there wasn’t a strawberry lollipop, a princess band-aid, or even a sticker.

Remembering a precious friend, her words when she shared her story, how she banged the steering wheel of her car screaming, “Haven’t we already done this, God?”

How can we carry the weight and move forward in the wilderness?

  • Take time to lament and wrestle.

Can I be raw and honest with you? There’s a part of the lamenting and wrestling that looks more like an unholy temper tantrum before the Lord. If you are living in the wilderness, you understand what I’m saying. Right?

  • Give yourself grace and space to process this new thing.

We need time to gather ourselves before we can move forward.

  • Make time to grieve.

Grieving your loss before moving forward must happen. I implore you to give yourself the time you need for grieving. Each new layer requires adjusting.

  • Do not rush the wrestling.

Wrestling with God brings us closer to God.

The power of words can either freeze us or compel us forward.

I don’t pretend to know where you are, but I will tell you I have been here long enough to know that I do not want to freeze up in the wilderness. I want to move forward, live my best life, and live it well, even when it is amid the pain.

It will not be easy. Perhaps you already know that.

If I can guide you in any way, please contact me at tlmashburn@yahoo.com.

I won’t feed you empty words. However, you will need another guide: God.

God, He is our refuge, our shelter, and our fortress. He knows our pain, our doubts, and fears. He is the God who sees, El Roi.

When my medical file grows thicker, the ground is rocky, and my faith is shakey, I want God. I. Need. Him.

There is no other way.

He sees me, and He sees you. Can we trust Him? Absolutely! God will care for us in the wilderness.

“The one who lives under the protection of the Most High
dwells in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say concerning the Lord, who is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust” Psalms 91:1-2 (CSB)

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