Dearest Reader,

I am struggling to find contentment today as I sit on the edge of my seat watching and waiting for Hurricane Florence. The storm, described as epic and history-making has many preparing to flee for safer ground.

Watching and Waiting

In the dark-0’thirty hour, God whispered the word contentment into my prayers. I quickly went to the dictionary app and looked up the word content.

Content: ease of mind

As I was praying, ease of mind was the absolute last thing stirring in my heart and soul. There was fretfulness that comes when a storm is barreling at you and your loved ones. Unsettled is where I found myself. Jumping at every alert coming across my phone, checking the progress of my loved ones as they prepared to leave everything behind, only bringing what they needed.

I quickly realized finding contentment was not going to come through my strength.

Changing My Course

I cannot change the course of Hurricane Florence; only God has that power. Trust me when I tell you I have been praying that very thing.

With mandatory evacuations, the only thing I have control over is changing my course.

Changing my course from unsettledness, fear, and unrest to one of contentment. Contentment will only come with time spent on my knees in prayer.

Through the encouragement of a Sister in Christ, we have committed to praying for contentment in the storm every hour on the hour. She the bottom of the hour, and I, the top.

Prayer is not getting God our agenda, but getting us on His. I imagine that is what He had in mind when He whispered contentment over my prayers.

So Dearest One, I will be praying for you and yours, and ask that you pray for me and mine.

I will be praying for even if faith, the peace that passes all understanding, and deep-seated contentment in my love for God, and His for me.

He holds all things in His hands, and in his hands, He holds all things together, even in, especially in, the storm.

Gifts of Grace

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