Coffee and Reflections: a time to gather and reflect on what has passed and contemplate what is to come. 

Dearest Reader,

It is time for coffee and Reflections: where we gather to reflect on what has passed and contemplate what is to come. September is the melancholy season in between. We are weighed down with heat and humidity in the south. We sit on the edge of our seats in the evening glow longing for the first leaf of Autumn. Yes, September, you are the melancholy season of in between.

I am currently revisiting Wendell Berry’s, Hannah Coulter. Sitting with Berry’s words is like sitting with an old friend.

“You think you will never forget any of this; you will remember it always just the way it was. But you can’t remember it the way it was. To know it, you have to be living in the presence of it right as it is happening. It can return only by surprise.” Wendell Berry from Hannah Coulter

One of the reasons I do this post is because I don’t want to forget. It’s also why I write in a journal. Recording God’s faithfulness in my journal is a way to remember He is with me, He has always been with me, and will continue to be.

August has been a quiet month in our Wilderness Place. Heat has held me hostage. I have spent my days reading and preparing for small group and Ladies Bible Study. I haven’t minded the time inside. Encouraging and engaging others in the Word of God is my heartbeat. However, I have acquired a small-ish addiction to chocolate animal crackers. Who knew? They are delicious with coffee, especially when you dip them into dark chocolate peanut butter. (smile)

I am coaxing words for my next book. In the midst of pondering the ways I want to weave my story, God continues to lead me back to the Prophet Habakkuk. I sat with Habakkuk in my first hardest days of illness, lamenting, praising, eventually surrendering. It seems the prophet, and I share some common ground.

August has gifted me some excellent reads

  • The Ministry of Ordinary Things by Shannon Martin
  • When Grace Walks In by Stacey Thacker
  • It’s All Under Control by Jennifer Dukes Lee
  • I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel
  • 100 Days To Brave by Annie F. Downs
  • Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry

Can I ask you something?

Before I leave my ponderings, I’m wondering, may I ask you something?

This place is dear to my heart, you, are dear to my heart, and I would love to know how I might serve you better in this humble space?

What would you like to know? Would you want more devotional writings? More stories of thriving and not merely surviving in hard places?

I would love to hear from you! You matter! You can let me know by commenting below or by sending me a personal email to While you are there, share a bit about your August.

Gifts of Grace

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I’m blessed to serve you in this place, to share with you the Gifts of Grace as I journey through the wilderness. I picture you across the table, hands wrapped tightly around your cup, sharing life, and laughter, and tears. As I share with you, my daily struggles, I long to hear what yours may be. You can do that by commenting below or reaching out to me here.

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