Linger: to remain or stay in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave. 

Dearest Readers,

A spiritual daughter and dear friend reminded me this morning of my own words:

“Today, I am prone to linger. I can stretch my morning coffee for hours, take small bites of breakfast cookies while driving my Sweet Man’s patience over the edge.”  

Mornings In The Word

Lingering in the Secret and Sacred is a spiritual discipline that gives me life, but what happens when I do not practice dwelling and abiding?

I am left empty and soul starved. I am joyless where joy pours out in abundance. And, I become physically ill. I am no longer thriving but merely surviving and isn’t life already hard enough?

That’s where I find myself this morning, sick, the second round of antibiotics wreaking havoc on my stomach, physically in pain, and mad. Yes, mad! Why, because I know better. I know my body and understand its limitations well. I can’t complain because today is the result of a self-inflicted wound. Cue the band-aides!

What I want to tell you is lingering in the Secret and Sacred will fill you with life while pushing yourself to check off an over-zealous to do list will drain you.

Let’s Define Linger

My spiritual daughter read me the definition of lingering earlier this morning. It’s breathtaking when put in the context of our time alone with God.

“To dwell in contemplation, thought, or enjoyment: to linger over beauty.”

To linger over beauty, wow!

The Result

How beautiful is it when we sit in contemplation with the Father and his Words? We glow, we attract others to our Heavenly Father. We are renewed and refilled with his love, grace, and mercy. Instead of being grumpy and short-tempered, the tone of our day is better.

I can tell you if I am not smiling, in spite of my physical pain, I have missed the lingering.

Do we want to move through your days, filled or empty?

To be filled is to thrive and not survive.

Gifts of Grace 

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