Glimpses of Heaven are the treasures I store in my heart. Glimpses of Heaven are glimpses of God’s faithfulness in my story when I am doubting.

Dearest Ones,

June has come to us in all her glory! She is gifting us comfortable temperatures and low humidity. I have taken to the deck with my morning coffee and sitting with God. It is a glorious gift of grace from above as dawn comes alive. I have waited months for this small window to be outside.

I have been pondering an anniversary of sorts. I spoke of it last year, and I suspect you will hear about it next year. Remembering and contemplating God’s faithfulness to me is a daily practice, lest I doubt or forget.

I call this my glimpses of Heaven.

The Anniversary

Most of you know this story. Two years ago last week, my Sweet Man collapsed on the ground before me, writhing in pain, and gray as death itself. That moment has never left me. Fear and uncontrolled shaking, vibrated throughout my body.

Open heart surgery, a faulty valve replaced, and a period when he did not wake up. The smells, the sounds, the look of uncertainty in his nurse’s eyes, her willingness to give me her cell number, spoke volumes to me.

You know those events in life where every smell and sound takes you back to that place? His health scare is that thing for me.

Why Remember

Why do I devote time each year to remember such a hard and painful time?

I will tell you why.  Because tucked within the memories are glimpses of Heaven.

Looking back, I can see where God went before us and prepared the way.

  • The timing of Sweet Lola taking off at a run to send him chasing her, thus collapsing.
  • The wall, (yes, it was a wall) of Gatorade bought on sale and stacked up for me. (my physicians drink of choice for me back then)
  • Best friends at home, when they would have ordinarily been out.
  • The best cardiologist and surgeon at the right time and place.

I could write you a series of events, pages long. The list, recorded in my journal tucked on the shelf and stored deep in my heart.

Glimpses of Heaven are the treasures I store in my heart. Glimpses of Heaven are glimpses of God’s faithfulness in my story when I am doubting.

In frightening times, remembering God’s faithfulness from times past reminds us He is still faithful today. Nothing has changed.

I need to know this when fear and uncertainty come knocking. I suspect you do as well. I need to know; God is always faithful when times are beyond bearable and my heart trembles in fear.

I have recorded those moments and tucked them away for the next time, because, yes, there will be a next time.

I have a history of His faithfulness as a reminder.

I can trust Him in the “even if.”

When life falls apart around me, I need to know that nothing, NOTHING, is too hard for God.

“Oh, Lord God! You yourself made the heavens and earth by your great power and with your outstretched arm. Nothing is too difficult for you.” Jeremiah 32:17 (CSB)

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