“There is no cure, only managing.”

Dr. Carmella Frazier Mills-Duke Dysautonomic Clinic

Dearest Readers,

Days drenched by rain, trees ravaged by wind, I fold into my raincoat and make my way to my neurologist’s office. It’s a long day. Needed, appreciated, but long.

Each visit grows my appreciation for the chronic illness I carry. I count the gifts of grace as my eyes graze the room.

A man, emaciated and weak brought in by ambulance, a young woman in a wheelchair, too young. Walkers, canes, the broken and weary fill the room. Like me, appointments fill their calendars; the long days drain the energy we hoard for other things. A short walk, a trip to the Library, the ice cream shop, or play time with our family. Doctors and specialists, physical therapy, and ordinary living take time and proper management.

Again, I hear the words, “No cure, only managing.” My resentment for the best medical advice I received has since faded away. Managing my time, my rest, and saying my best yes is how I live my days with abundant joy.

Why Managing Time Works

Most likely you have heard the Spoon Theory, how those with Chronic Illness have been given so many spoons in a day and once they are used up, there are no more. Your body is finished and will fight for rest in ugly ways. We must learn to use our energy wisely.

  • I have more strength and stamina to get through my day.
  • Finishing your day stronger is more fulfilling than crashing by early afternoon.
  • I have more presence and less brain fog and confusion.

How I Manage Time

  • Schedule with a frugality like no other. I am like a Ninja Warrior where my to do list is concerned.
  • Meal preparation; my Sweet Man and I plan our weekly meals. He does the shopping, and together we work to prepare a week’s worth of meals.
  • We plan shorter excursions, rather than longer ones. It is more fun to be out a short amount of time and not deplete my energy.
  • I schedule a day for Sabbath Rest, giving myself grace and the space to curl up on the sofa and read.
  • Napping every day is no longer a treat but a must.

Six years ago my Sweet Man was pushing me in a wheelchair, leaving the comfort of home was an overwhelming task. I  took the words that shook me to my very core that long ago day, and with diligence, I made them a part of my life.

I have come to realize these principles are for anyone’s everyday life. How much more productive would your life feel if you made more space for rest? Would your life feel more at ease if you were to manage your time wisely? Could it be much better than living overwrought and frazzled?

As we close our time together, I want to give you my best offense. As I begin my day I whisper the words:

“Lord, as my day so shall my strength be.”

Gifts of Grace

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