“Writing in my journal is where I have the sweetest time with God. His Word open, my journal, my favorite pen. It’s where we communicate, where I pray, cry out, and give Him praise.

It is also a resource I often refer back to when I am doubting where He is, who He is, and where God is working in my life.”

Tammy L. Mashburn from Mornings In The Word

Dearest Readers,

I wrote a book, Mornings In The Word. A small devotional, birthed from my quiet time with God. My time in the mornings, alone with God, is the sweetest time for me. I go to bed at night looking forward to waking up. The scent of coffee wafts over me as I make my way to the place where I meet with God in His Word.

My Bible lies open waiting for me as I stumble to my desk, my favorite pen, and journal, hot coffee in my hand. Journaling revives and rejuvenates my relationship with the Word. Transformation takes place.

I long to be a better a person. I long to see God’s faithful hand moving in my life. I yearn to know Him more, to understand His Word and live it well.

I go to the shelf, pull out past journals, turning pages, through tear stains, and coffee stains, I can clearly see God’s hand moving in my life.

Why is this so important?

There are times when I doubt and question, times I feel abandoned in my wilderness. I question His faithfulness and allow doubt to creep in, setting up camp in my heart. Turning back pages of time show me a different story.

It shows me when I am faithless; He is faithful. When I doubt, He is with me. When I am afraid, He holds me.

“The stained pages, curled edges, tangible evidence of His faithfulness when I was faithless. Scriptures copied to the page, whisper into my soul. I can see His hand there, and there, and there.

Here, in The Wilderness, bent with pain and heavy fatigue, I can see Him. And He sees me.”

Mornings In The Word


Do you journal as you spend time in The Word? If so, how does it change or grow your faith in God? 

Do you go back to your journals for reassurance of God’s faithfulness in your life?

I would love to hear your responses!

Gifts of Grace

Mornings In The Word will be available for purchase soon through Amazon or by contacting me at tlmashburn@yahoo.com. 

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