The loss comes through our gains.

Buried beneath our hurried up world, we have lost the art of simple things that bring us joy and peace.

Simplicity quiets our soul.

Dearest Readers,

Gray skies lay near the ground; substantial rain pours on The Wilderness Place. Damp cold seeps into my aching bones, I move through days like this one step at a time, one thing at a time, adjusting goals, accepting today will call for more rest.

Thoughts of my Sweet Granny surrounded me as I stood at the dryer early this morning folding bedding, corner to corner, neat and tidy. I remember the day she first let me iron the sheets; I felt grown up, iron in hand as she instructed me in the art of ironing.

Like washing dishes with warm suds up to your elbows, soothing comes through the art of ironing sheets. Sheets fresh from the outside clothesline. The same occurs with knitting or crocheting, sipping tea.

I cannot help but think our gain is a loss. Sure, permanent press, no iron sheets with high thread count is gain.

At first glance, it seems we gained much with modern technology. I ask myself what have we lost.

What Have We Lost?

We have lost precious time around a dinner table with our family.

We have lost the art of things that slow us down, give us moments to breathe, collecting ourselves.

We have lost passing down to the next generation.

We have lost connectivity to our souls, as well as those around us.

What Have We Gained?

We have multiple big screen televisions in our homes.

Every piece of modern technology out today.

Modern conveniences, next day delivery, three vehicles, and large homes.

More hurry.

Longer to do lists.

More activity.

There is nothing wrong with any of these things. At near fifty-eight, I am learning that all the things are ‘sucking the life out of me.’ I am learning that less gives me gain. 

Are you feeling that as well? The more we have, the more we gain, the more we add, the more haggard and empty we become.

We are buried beneath the hurried-ness of it all, disconnected from our souls, disconnected from our people.

There is no time to ponder and contemplate, no time to connect. We are crushed in spirit, sleep deprived, and dare I say, grumpy.

I ask myself, “Am I living well smothered beneath it all?”

Sure, I love take-out brought home, and I occasionally dream of the days when our home was more substantial, two cars sat in the garage, when I never said, “No, enough is enough.”

Illness came, knocking me flat, and things had to change. This life is hard, no doubt about it, I am struggling today; however, I can emphatically tell you that in my loss I have gained.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Loss is Gain. Do you agree or disagree? Are you buried in your hurry, fighting for air to breathe?

Gifts of Grace

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