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I am excited to share another book review and an opportunity for you to win a copy of Jeannie Blackmer’s Talking To Jesus. Stay tuned for details and while you’re here if you have not entered to win a copy of Faith Girlz Backpack Bible and Brave Beauty by Lynn Cowell, two great resources for young girls, there is still time! 

“I depend on prayer because life is unpredictable and mostly out of my control.

Talking to Jesus is how we communicate with him and he with us.”

Talking To Jesus by Jeannie Blackmer

Talking To Jesus takes Biblical encounters with Jesus combined with fictional storytelling, engaging you in the interaction.  Jeannie’s vivid storytelling leaves you feeling as if you are there, you are able to see, hear, and smell each encounter. As you turn the pages you will be left longing for more.

Each section of the book contains a story, followed by personal response and reflection, with space to write your own reflection or prayer.

Taking each one of these encounters with Jesus and turning them into a personal prayer is powerful.

Psalm 119 is one of my favorites in Scripture. As I read through Psalm 119, there are many places where I insert my name.

“Jesus, open MY eyes so that I may contemplate woundrous things from your instruction.” Psalm 119:18

“I am weary from grief; strengthen me-Tammy-through your word.” Psalm 119:28

When I pray Scripture, I feel empowered, not only possessing Christ’s strength in me but able to live fully from that strength, even in hardships. I feel engaged and connected to a living Saviour.

I often encourage and challenge others to do the same. Hearing their response is much the same as mine. There is power in praying Scripture.

This is one of the many reasons why I love Talking To Jesus: A Fresh Perspective On Prayer.

I encourage you to get your copy today!

The fun news is you can win a copy of Talking To Jesus by commenting on this post!

I will announce a winner one week from today, Friday, December 15th.

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