We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. 

Hebrews 6:19a (CSB) 

Dearest Reader,

Yesterday was tough, thrust back in a place where I first found myself crumbling, fading away. Dreary rain pelted windows. The ache in my bones, fire burning deep into the marrow. I was armed with books, my journal, and pen, still, I found my heart wandering back to the beginning. Purple feet and hands, blankets piled high, my Sweet Man nearly carrying me, placing me gently on a chair. Anxiety etched deep in the lines marking his face, lines I could trace with eyes closed.

We’re four, near five years on this journey with chronic illness, and still, it’s hard. Not much has changed. I’ve learned to listen to my body, manage this beast, P.O.T.S., that is my life, smear good spackle on my face, and cling to the Anchor that gives me life in the unholy hard.

I flip from book to phone, checking the latest weather updates, watching the storm that’s relentlessly bearing down on our coast. Wondering can we cling to The Anchor in the biggest storm of the century? Can we, will we, cling to The Anchor in the storms of life? Do we really have a choice? Do I have a choice?

I choose The Anchor, any other way is to fold up and give in. Cower in fear, lose hope, allowing the winds and water to blow over, pulling me under. I can’t live that way, even when I see a larger than life storm coming directly at me.

I looked up anchor in Merriam-Webster, I know the spiritual Anchor, but I wanted to compare the secular definition. Two stood out to me.

  • “A reliable or principle support. A mainstay.”
  • “Something that serves to hold an object firmly.”

In a world, a life, that spins around us every moment, while seemingly we are in control, when in fact, we are anything but I want a reliable support. A mainstay. Something, someone to hold me firmly in place.

I need a mainstay. I don’t care to flail about in hopeless misery. I’ve been there. It’s. Not. Pretty.

I know only of one true, reliable, anchor, and it is The Anchor which holds us firm and secure in his hand. The same hand that took nails for me. The same hand that reached down and pulled me from a pit of darkness and despair. The same hand that bandaged my wounds and healed my brokenness.

Stacey Thacker in her book Is Jesus Worth It, says this:

“Hope is a person. Hope is Jesus. Hope takes my eyes off what I can see and fixes them on what is ahead. 

  • Hope is sure.
  • Hope is steadfast, like an anchor for our souls.
  • Hope goes before.
  • Hope secures the promise.
  • Hope gives us a purpose.
  • Hope is forever.”

How do I grab this hope, this anchor? By diving into His Word. Praying his Word. Getting to know Him. Finding a mentor farther along in the journey.

By believing in Him even as I watch the radar screen, watch the oncoming storm. Walk through the unholy hard.

You, my Friend, can have this same hope as an anchor for your soul, firm and secure. He is the only reliable, faithful, steady anchor in this life.

“In the eye of the storm, 

You remain in control

And in the middle of the war,

You guard my soul

You alone are the anchor,

When my sails are torn

Your love surrounds me 

In the eye of the storm”

Ryan Stevenson – “Eye of the Storm”


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