“Intimacy happens as we bring more and more of ourselves into God’s presence.”

Ruth Haley Barton-Sacred Rhythms 

Happy Friday Dear Readers! 

Friday has always been my favorite day of the week, with my Sweet Man’s retirement, it’s even better! The entire day, open before us. We’re planning to squeeze every last bit of living well into this season.

In the meantime, I’m joining the Five Minute Friday writing community, where we write five minutes on a one word prompt.

Today’s word: WORTH

I hope you will join us! 


“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:21 (NLT)

For more years than I can count I’ve routinely practiced a quiet time. Before I go any further, come close and hear me well. I. Am. Not. A superhero. No. Nor, am I anywhere near to claiming I am less sinful than the next person. Holier than thou or any other name you may be thinking to call me. NO. In fact, this is the first place pride rears its ugly head in my heart. More often than not, somewhere between my feet hitting the floor and the coffee pot, a myriad of distasteful and hateful thoughts have already crossed my mind.

By the time I make it to my chair, Bible, pen and journal, I am a crumpled heap of sin and shame.

I prayed “O God, I am utterly ashamed; I blush to lift up my face to you. For our (MY) sins are piled higher than our (MY) heads, and our guilt has reached to the heavens.” Ezra 9:6 (emphasis mine)

And yet, I persevere. Why? This is where I find my worth. Any minuscule thing of good inside of me, comes from this time. Comes from a Holy God.

These moments spent in solitude with God is worth the investment of time. Time well spent.

“But now we have been given a brief moment of grace, for the Lord our God has allowed a few of us to survive as a remnant. He has given us security in this holy place. Our God has brightened our eyes and granted us some relief from our slavery.” 

Ezra 9:8 (NLT)

My sin piles high upon my head and I am ashamed to show up. But. HE. Does. Anyway. And, I don’t want to miss Him. I long for more of Him and less of me. I long for a brief moment of grace. I am wooed. I am wowed. In the showing up.

Gifts of Grace

Have you seen this? If not, be sure to! A family devotional to be used with your children including beautiful coloring pages! 

PS: I’m blessed to serve you in this place, to share with you the Gifts of Grace as I journey through the wilderness. I picture you across the table, hands wrapped tightly around your cup, sharing life, and laughter, and tears. As I share with you my own daily struggles, I long to hear what yours may be. Sharing the realness of life. You can do that by commenting below or reaching out to me here.

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