“The Lord’s presence changes my marriage, and I am a gatekeeper. I hold the keys to offer him access not just to the ceremony on the first day  but to the relationship for each day that comes after.”

Jen Weaver from A Wife’s Secret To Happiness

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Hello You! By now you know I am a voracious reader. I love all things bookish, and if you give me a moment of your time, I will wear your ears thin with book talk! Having said that, I recently read A Wife’s Secret To Happiness by Jen Weaver and I have a copy to share!

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I’ve been married to my Sweet Man almost thirty years. I think of worn leather, well oiled and cared for when it comes to our marriage. Pliable, bendable, folded together, fighting strong in the storms of life. We have history and together we have a beautiful love story.

If you had asked me early in our marriage, “What is the secret to happiness?” I would have told you a good man who respected me and treated me well, along with fulfilling every romanticized notion I held dear.

“We know not to trust the fantasy of carriages and horsemen. Yet somewhere in our relationships, we’ve felt the draw to something more. 

Maybe the rumble comes from places of disconnect.

Knowing married life could be more-dare we believe, should be more-than the common parade.”

I have long since learned the secret to happiness and sweet communion in my marriage. Learned that a marriage must be a strand of three cords. Found true fulfillment only occurs when your identity is placed in God and not in your man or your marriage.

A Wife’s Secret To Happiness affirmed everything I spent the early years of marriage searching for and finding. And yet, I closed the pages having learned more. With thought provoking questions tucked at the end of each chapter, I was able to clearly see areas I needed to improve. Assessing my current actions and reactions, giving me tools to an even deeper happiness and fulfilling marriage.

This book is a tool for every woman no matter their season. Whether you are awaiting marriage, newly married, or have been married a span of years.

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