“Real is the new perfect. The kind of authentic-reflecting real, where a freeing relationship dwells; where love, joy, peace, patience, and grace abide; where second, third, and fourth chances reside.

I’m inspired to settle into His perfection instead of attempting authenticity on my own.”

Bekah Jane Pogue from Choosing Real

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I stepped into 2017 with the word open. This word has had me shaking in my boots. Pondering what God might me call be to open with.

The unexpected has stripped me of my former life. I have learned to embrace who I am in this season. Embrace a simpler, quieter way of life. But I was sensing more. Sensing changes needed to be made.

BAM! Bekah Jane Pogue’s book Choosing Real fell into my hands.

Somewhere in my journey, the layers I had been stripped of had come back in sneaky and unexpected ways. I had begun a search to find my true authentic self once again.

Another year on this journey, another birthday, had set me up for an honest evaluation.

Choosing Real gave me affirmation and equipping in life’s unplanned circumstances. Bekah’s words urged me forward in the search for true authenticity. Releasing my own self imposed expectations. Giving me space and breath in choosing real. Choosing, embracing, living fully as God would have me to, real and authentically in Him.

“As I stepped into the pain of loss, into foggy weeks of numbness and standing outside of my body, life shifted. They say suffering does that, and it’s entirely true. And freeing. Alone with my thoughts, I recognized self-made habits I’d built around control.” Bekah Jane Pogue from Choosing Real

I came away from this book with clarity in the tender places God was asking more of me.

If you are longing to find authenticity, find the real you and your identity in your Maker, Choosing Real is a must read.

I recommend this book to any woman who’s identity has been muddled, or perhaps lost in today’s society of be more, do more, have more. The comparison and competition cycle social media demands of us.

Purchase your copy of Choosing Real today and find freedom from control.

“Our minds are like empty rooms to fill with the thoughts we choose, the very thoughts that create or destroy a safe abode. Here’s the catch. Every thought follows a choice: Do you want truth or lies inside that noggin?

Bekah Jane Pogue from Choosing Real 


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I loved this book and I believe you will too!

Gifts of Grace