“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” 
Audrey Hepburn 

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Peering in, I pulled the mirror closer, traced the lines etched on my face. The permanent crease above my left eye from countless nights burrowed deep in my pillow. I wish someone had told me not to sleep on the same side all these years.

It’s the day between Valentine’s and my fifty-seventh birthday. It’s gray and dreary with buckets of rain falling from the sky. A fitting day for reflection.

I continue to peer at the face in the mirror searching for other things I wish I had been told. I am beckoned back to that women child from twenty, thirty years ago. What might I say to her today, what might I say to you?

Layer upon layer will soon one day wear you down.

Perfection is merely a mask of false bravado, a covering for all the raw, vulnerable places lying deep inside longing to be healed.

You may loose a piece of yourself when you love big. The gaping hole will soon fill again.

The bile of bitter regret will sometimes snake its way into your heart, where you will find grace if you search deep.

Don’t fret over the first grey hair nor the multitude that will follow, the wrinkles, or the scales.

Live the days to the fullest rather than stewing in the might have been or what might be.

Your children will mostly forgive you all your mistakes. God will forgive all your sins.

It is only when you peer into the face of the mirror, finding, placing your identity in Christ, will you find your true self.

I wished I had noticed birds sing in the rain. I could have spent less time on the “woe is me,” and more time singing and dancing in the rain.

When the wilderness comes God will part the way, take your hand and lead you through. I didn’t know this before. I know it today. Live it today. And so I am telling you.

“What’s really real?

Real is the new perfect. Perfection is found as I follow Jesus into the center of real life-social media included- and come to know His heart, one overflowing with freedom and peace.”

Bekah Jane Pogue from Choosing Real

One more thing, follow Jesus and there you will find your one true authentic self.

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