“I feel myself held by some stillness deep within the ebb and flow of time. Every season arrives and returns again like the ocean breathing its waves in and out on the shore.”

Christie Purifoy from Roots & Sky


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I am likely to hibernate in this season. My body stages its own personal ambush, cold in shades of purple. Pain beats a drum deep in my bones.

I am comfortable inside, layers of blankets, fuzzy socks, warm comfy clothes. Hands wrapped around a hot mug. A book in my lap.

The darkness, cold, they smother me somehow.Just last evening I pitched a temper tantrum, toddler style, “I don’t want to go. I just can’t do it.” It takes hefty pushing and prodding to poke my nose out the door.

I know this season of blustery wind, overcast days, and cold will come. The days between Christmas and Spring hem me in. I settle myself in, renew my weariness with rest. Surround myself with things that comfort.

Today I am joining Modern Mrs. Darcy, sharing how I survive this season. What is helping me as Winter stretches and yawns.

I surround myself with stacks of books. Just yesterday I shared my January Bookshelf. You can find it here. I was quite surprised to find my list shorter than usual. Warm and cozy underneath my blankets, I gave myself permission for longer naps.

Polar fleece cuddle duds. I picked up two sets of these in December. If you tend to freeze as I do, these are a life saver.

The Insta-pot. This one pot wonder definitely makes life easier. There is a plethora of recipes on Pinterest, warm and hearty soups, lentils and rice, and delicious heart healthy meals. Not only has the Insta-pot made life easier in this season, it also makes my Sweet Man smile.

All things comfort food. Cappuccino mix, Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, and this Baked Oatmeal Recipe.

These are just a few of the things saving me this winter.

What are some things saving you?

Gifts of Grace

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