Of all the people on earth, the Lord your God has chose you to be his own special treasure.

Deuteronomy 7:6b NLT


Hey you, there standing in line, your hair slapped messy atop your head. Your shirt wrinkled, yoga pants smudged with handprints, dirty mouths wiped, and yesterday’s pancakes.

I see you. Your tired, weary face and slumped over shoulders. Your heart stretched thin, as if you are the only one to give.

Give out love, band aides, snacks, and hugs.

There is an empty chair here with me. I have saved it just for you.

Can I buy your coffee, perhaps a muffin too? Can we sit a bit while you eat, and take a much needed breath?  Drop your oversize bag and burdens on the floor, I will take your hand as I whisper a prayer for you.

Your eyes well over as you hold yourself tight and seemingly put together. We stretch our fingertips across the table with one hand, the other, wrapped around hot coffee.

Music plays soft in the background. The noise in your heart plays loud, “I am not enough. There is not enough to go around, I am stretched beyond myself with nothing left to give.”

I begin to utter the words you need. Words you long to hear.

There are days when I need them whispered to me.

“You are seen. You are loved. You are enough.

Father in Heaven Above and all that is below, we acknowledge You are God and oh how we need you.

Come in this moment and quiet her lovely heart. Take her hand and whisper in her ear, You see her too. May she feel your love, your arms around her. May she let go and fall into You.

May she find you in the messy and the loud. Fill her Lord in all her empty places. Give her eyes to see your grace in every needy and broken place.

Bind up her own empty, spent and broken heart.

Fill her with peace, Your Peace that passes all understanding.

Peace that quiets the voice that says she is not enough. Fill her with joy and laughter in the hard.

Fill her with strength when there is none.

May she look in the mirror and see herself as You see her. All that she is to you, a daughter of The King.”


You, Dear One, are seen and loved, hand picked and chosen by the King.

His very own special treasure.

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