“What matters in life is not what happens to you, but what you remember and how you remember it.”

Ann Voskamp from The Broken Way


Paul’s journey detours, collides with a cause greater than his.

I wrote these words some days back, studied this passage of Scripture months ago. They left a track across my heart. My own personal detours through life, some my own, others, clearly God.

Pain often comes through my own poor choices standing at a cross road chasing self over God.

“Satan knows of our potential for the Kingdom and he knows of the internal erosion that happens when we choose self over God. ” ~Lisa Whittle from I Want God 

I came to the page this morning outline in hand. Staring at the blinking curser, I was overcome with awe at the connections, the stories God weaves. How much better his story than mine.

With that in mind, I laid the outline to the side, allowing our journey a slight curve towards the personal.

We had plans, tickets, an address tucked in my bag. Hanging every last crumb of me on chasing Autumn fun, time away with my sweet man, and space to breathe.

I have been pushed and prodded, pushed myself to the edges my body can take before it strikes back. Or worse, dark chasing my soul. These are boundaries I know. Learned them clear, and still the urge to push them creeps in now and again.

Saturday morning came with our usual routine, early quite, long sips of hot coffee, a slow awaking to the day ahead.

As I am getting ready, Lola and my man set out for their Saturday stroll. He calls me from outside to tell me we have a flat tire. “No, no, and no,” I stomped out with clenched jaw. With calm, he reassures me this would not hinder our plans. Our day of fun will go on as planned, albeit, not absent of detour.

He procures a tire establishment open early on a Saturday morning and gets it fixed.

I look at the clock, the estimated drive time, rolling my eyes at the delay, using the time to finish up a good book.

I had placed so much stock in this trip. In my heart, it was the salve to my stress. I left the door cracked for the enemy to slip in. He did. A flat tire, a delay, minutes ticking off the clock sent me over the edge.

The edge I had teetered on for weeks.

But God. 

I have told you before how much I love those two words, when they touch me in personal ways, a window shade peels slowly open.


My view in the wait reflected this.

Thirty-eight minutes later than I planned  we buckled up and headed north.

Arriving slightly ahead of the crowd, we were pointed, prodded along, given instructions on parking close to accommodate me. Graciously we were motioned towards the entrance gate. I hung the handicap placard and gathered our things.

At that moment my dear friend and her beautiful granddaughter walk up. We had planned to meet. However, the detour placed us at the exact spot with perfect timing. God’s timing, not mine.

In my excitement, these things slipped past my notice. Blessings I missed ’till later in the day.

Parking at the gate meant I was able to meander longer, see more, taste of his goodness. I did not imagine us to be so close.

We sat in warm sun listening to live music. Took in the sights and sounds. Bunched up knots in my shoulders melted away. All the unholy hard pushed back. I soaked it in with every pore in my skin. Hugged necks, snapped photos, purchased a few treasures.

It was later on our ride home I realized the gift had come in the delay. My man and me riding along rehashing our day.

The words I had written scheduled for today came back to me with sudden clarity.

Like Paul, I was convinced my plan was good, needed even.

When re-routed, unlike Paul, I had an ugly melt down.

Flat tire, thirty-eight minutes behind my schedule, an ugly beginning, redeemed.

“When comfort is your immediate priority, God cannot move.” ~Lisa Whittle from I want God

Through the detour, God had time to move.

Blessings, grace drenched my heart.

Sometimes the detour is The Way. The blessing, in The Way. A glimpse of the unseen in the seen.

These are the things I long to remember, write across my heart.

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