Hello Friends! It is Friday, my favorite day of the week! Not only is Friday my favorite day, it is also the day I join Kate Motaung and others, where we write five minutes on a one word prompt! Today’s word~COLLECT. Won’t you join us here?


This is the word that came from Jeremiah to the Lord: “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel says: ‘Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you…’

Jeremiah 30:1-2 NIV

My desk is a collection of sorts, an assemblage of things I love. Trinkets from precious loves and friends. Colorful pens and pencils, books on writing, fancy file folders. A basket containing files; recipes, quotes, bills and the magic book of passwords.

To the side there is the ever growing collection of notes on Write31Days, Sunday School prep, and several Bibles.

I surround myself with things I love, the people I love, this thing I love to do.

I am a collector of stories. Collector of words and quotes, bits and pieces of life. Either, I find them or they find me.

My desk is in disarray at the current moment. I have taken coffee and breakfast cookies lunch, Yasso Bars, copious amounts of Gatorade, and NormaLyte: Oral Rehydration System. (for all of my fellow sojourners with P.O.T.S. or some other form of Dysautonomic Disorder, check these out!)

The reason for all this disarray, and hours spent here; I am bunkered in, hunkered down, in the throes of Write31Days. If you cannot find me, this is where I will be. A space carved out in our bedroom, where birds frolic and play, and forge for food outside the window. Where Sweet Lola lays on the corner of the bed (she allows us to sleep in~smile), keeping her watchful eye on me. Where sun and warmth seep through the windows, and the scent of Autumn sweeps in.

img_2806 I long to take your hand as we travel dusty roads, venture down the paths less traveled. We may cross the tracks and find ourselves on the wrong side of town as our story unfolds.

We will cross cultural divisions, encounter disagreements, bigotry, and racism. We will witness unholy actions in holy places, not so different, I think, from what we see today.

This is a small glimpse, a peak through the window at this collection of stories I will be sharing, beginning tomorrow, October 1, for the next thirty~one days.

I would love for you to join me along this Journey to Action. The best way to insure you will not miss a post is to sign up and receive them daily in your in box. I hope to see you here!


I compiled comments, new followers and old, assigned numbers as they came in. I had in mind for my sweet man to pick a number, alas, he had to unlock the plant. The honor went to my precious grandson, notorious cross builder and doer of all things Nanna needs, when here for a visit. 


And the winner of  the Five Minute Friday book is, drum roll please~Lori Edwards! 

This book is a collection of words written by colleagues and friends. This book I hold in my hands is weighty in meaning for me. Share your stories, keep writing, be a collector of stories, an encourager with words. I am humbled and blessed to be a part of this community. 

All proceeds from the book are going to two different ministries in South Africa!

When you make a purchase, not only are you getting a beautiful collection of writing from more than 100 different writers, including little ole me, you are also supporting a great cause!

Order yours today!

Gifts of Grace