the message is very close at hand; it is on your lips and in your heart

Deuteronomy 30:14 NLT


Scrolling through FaceBook last week, a dear friend shared a picture of her refrigerator. The front, marked with pictures, magnets, minutia of memories at a glance.

Her challenge was for friends to post a picture of theirs, with a disclaimer to all who have stainless steel.

I raised my hand, chimed in with a picture of the side of my stainless steel fridge where magnets, artwork, business cards, and such adhere to and fill the space.

I remember the day, sick of white appliances, tired of scrubbing grubby handprints from them, I chose to replace creamy white with the gleam of stainless steel. The smooth shiny surface luring me in.

Can I just tell you, three years later, those puppies are the bane of my existence. Mind you, I am a slightly recovering OCD’er. Emphasis on slightly.

When anyone approaches the fridge, I sit in my comfy chair softly shouting, “USE THE HANDLES, oh please use the handles.”

I posted my photo, something akin to an organized mess, moved on to morning chores. Flipping back to FaceBook, a comment on the post grabbed my attention. “I could play, but the only thing all over the front of mine, is fingerprints.”

Glancing back at the front of my stainless steel, I wondered the collection of fingerprints. Grabbing my phone, snapping a photo, words, memories, assaulted my heart.


The day I have spotless stainless steel, will the the days marked without breath in my home. Empty spaces gaping open. Sadness moving in.

Our words, my words do the same.

“And as we go about our day, our hearts bump into the hearts of others, and we write a message on their hearts as well. When we write God’s grace words, we build up, love, and encourage the people we encounter. It gives me pause to think of the hearts I have written on today. What marks did I leave? Have I left a God word there for others to read? Will my marks on their hearts point others to Him? The most powerful place to write God’s truth is on the tablet of someone’s heart. We have to treat this responsibility with great care.”

~Stacey Thacker from Fresh Out of Amazing

There’s a tug on my heart, a call to write. To share my story, the gritty hard, the fingerprints, the unorganized mess in the everyday.


I don’t take this call lightly In fact, the urgency to share sets a fire deep in my belly.

I don’t have a huge following, a big platform, or thousands of followers on social media.

What I have is this small space. An opportunity to speak life or crush hearts. To point others to Him, or sour them, and send them away. A coterie of friends who read, encourage, and cheer me on.

An opportunity to write on hearts.

How often did Jesus leave the crowd? Take the road less traveled? To seek and pursue the one? Speak life, give Living Water?

There’s a lesson here for me. I can pursue the masses or I can write words that touch one. One weary soul, wherever they may be.

One. One makes a difference. To touch one heart, to leave one fingerprint, is more important than blog stats, big platforms, and google analytics.

I long to be more like Jesus. More of him, less of me. It’s hard, the lure to grow big, have more, be more, is always there. Will always be.

To look away from all of that, turn inward, reflect the handprints Jesus has left on my heart. Share grace words as He has graced me.

Am I leaving God words upon hearts, or merely fingerprints begging to be wiped off?

Keep your eyes peeled for this soon to be released sweet little book of stories


Graced by God