“God offers a better way: have less and do more.”

Shannan Martin from Falling Free


It doesn’t seem fitting to call this a book review at all. I have followed Shannon’s words a good long while. To say I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Falling Free, is an understatement.

Shannan’s words penned with a soft, gentle delivery, pack a big punch. A good ole southern wallop, if I may.

“What I know now is that sometimes surrender means letting go, and other times it means letting in.” 

We feel we have done a good deed when let go of the overflow, the excess, discarded things we no longer want. But are we willing to loosen our grip on the things we hold dear?

In Falling Free, Shannan gives us a different prospective. Calling us to let go of the things we want, the things we hold tightly to.

Her words ring raw with transparency as she shares her own struggle of all that she was called to let go. Weaving God’s Word throughout the book, reenforcing our need to take a good long look at how we love others, of the excess we hold on to, and what we are willing to sacrifice and change.

“Jesus had a way of kicking borders and boundaries to sea. He mashed definitions and stirred people together. He said we were all the same and that we  belonged to one another.”

Her story leveled me. Times I cried a thousand tears watching God bring her around to his way of thinking.

Giving up all they had, moving to the other side of town, some would say, “the wrong side of the tracks,” not to just live in a new community, but living in community.

“There’s a big difference between living in a community and living in community…As an entry point into our brand-new neighborhood, God Sent people just like us. Rebel hearts longing for home.”

Falling Free is a beautiful picture of pouring out oneself and being filled to overflowing with the pouring back in.  An invitation to the abundant life.

“Here in the everyday, he invites us in to the abundant life.”

Falling Free by Shannan Martin is available for pre-order now. Order your copy, a copy or two to share. You will be left breathless and wanting more. More of the filling of all things good.



Graced by God