It’s Friday, time to join with Kate Motaung and others, writing for five minutes on a one word prompt. The prompts stretch me and I never seem to know where the words will take me. Today is no different. Our one word, TEAM. Naturally, the olympics, Team America, comes to mind. I have to confess, most likely we are the only household in America not tuning in. (no judging please~smile~) This summer has found us taking several one~two punches, learning new rhythms, searching for footing in the old. Living in darkness, standing in the Light.

“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.”

Madeleine L’Engle


When I think of team, I think of marriage, two hearts beating as three. The heartbeat of God showers his grace over us, binds us as one. We are a team, my man and me.

Days we work together as a well oiled machine, days it’s as if someone tossed water into oil. This has been one of those weeks where we have seen it all. The tethering frayed as we learn this new dance.

My need to protect turns to nagging, or as my sweet man says, “quarrelsome.” (Thank you Solomon, for throwing the quarrelsome woman under the bus numerous times in your book of wisdom).

His longer days, leaving by the light of full moon, leave me tied up in knots of worry. My furrowed brow relaxes when I hear tires crunching gravel, late in the day. Lola and I race to the door. I check his pallor, ask how he feels, has he had his water, taken to many steps, been under too much stress. Lola, kisses his face, tangles up in his legs. Her sigh of relief loud as mine.

I lay out medication, pour his juice, brew green tea, cover him in prayer. He bathes me in healing oils to soothe my pain, tucks me in, kisses me goodnight. Rolls me ever when the need arises. Walks along beside my unsteady gait numerous times in the night, when I know he needs sleep.

Our team, this team of three, gets messy at times.

I sigh when I think of us. Sigh with relief and joy of this gift. The gift of my man and me, tethered by the Grace of God.  A team.

Graced by God

Some exciting things to share this week:

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