June came with life altering unexpected. In the midst of all the bad there was good. Miracles, gifts of grace, community, a covering of His hand.

What I learned, I am sharing here today, linking up with Emily P. Freeman’s What I learned in June.

“…God was good in the midst of all the bad.” 

Christa Black Gifford from Heart Made Whole
Honeycomb-8One~ I survived the unthinkable. The one~two punch. Within weeks my precious husband underwent open heart surgery, my sweet Mama broke her hip. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. The need, the desire to be in two places at one time, great. By the Grace of God, I walked through the darkness and waded through the deep. My hand tightly held by the hand of Jesus. A lesson I have learned in five plus decades and one I will continue to learn ’till I see the Forger’s face.

“Oh, how many times the gold is plunged back into the fire~far, far more times than seem necessary. Yet you can be sure the Forger sees impurities no one else can see. The gold must return to the fire again and again until positive proof has been established that it can be no further purified.” Jeanne Guyon from 100 Days in the Secret Place

Two~ We are blessed with community. When we moved to the Wilderness Place, found a church home (View Church), we were intentional in building community. These past weeks we have been provided for, loved on, held up, and prayed over by our community. Community that shows up in big and mighty ways. I knew this and now I have lived this, experienced it. We are blessed.

Three~ Lola is a well known hero now and living large. Lola, our precious rescue dog, part Welsh Corgi, part long hair Dachshund, is famous in these parts. Credited for saving her Papa’s life, Lola led him on the chase that led to his collapse sending us to the emergency room into the surgeon’s hands. We were told had it not been for Lola, my sweet man most likely would not have survived his unknown condition much longer. Needless to say, Lola has risen to hero status in our hearts, our family, our community, and through out the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. PS: she’s quite puffed up and demanding extra cookies as she walks along beside him, building back up his stamina. Happily wagging what we call her “golden tail.” 

Four~ I love Instagram. Instagram has intimidated me from the day I allowed my delightful granddaughter to set up my account. Thanks to Hope*Writers I am learning more and more how to use it. Unlike other social media platforms that feel too much like work, Instagram is just plain fun. I love sitting with a cup of coffee, slowly savoring beautiful pictures and short stories.

I have learned lot in June. Mostly hard, with a little fun sprinkled in. I have grown in my walk with God. I have seen the hands and feet of Jesus at work.

Gifts of Grace

Tammy Mashburn