~CHEER: animation, buoyancy, comfort, delight, exuberance, liveliness, merriment

Opening the door in early evening I was greeted with a gift of cheer. Sweet smells of gardenia spread perfume throughout my space. Hydrangea blooms, a perfect hue of sky blue. A clear jar, repurposed with cheer, spheres of sunshine radiate through. Pairs perfectly with coffee, breakfast cookies, time with the Lord.

Hidden behind the bouquet of cheer, a slip of a woman stands with the absolute most beautiful mane of curls trailing down her back. Arms brown with sunlight and fresh air, I suspect from tending these beautiful blooms.

For months I have watched her from afar. Standing on the back row of the choir, tips of her fingers reach for the heavens as she praises the Lord.

I’ve sat in a room listened as she prays. I have sat before her as she opens the Word, imparting wisdom. Listened to stories of sharing the Gospel.

God weaves story in wondrous ways. I no longer see her from afar. We share a podium, our love for Jesus, our call to teach. I have come to know her more. My feet stretch to step into the godly footprints she leaves.

Her cheer, her exuberance, her love for Jesus and his people, contagious. The twinkle of merriment shines in her eyes when she speaks of Him. Of Peter, and Paul, the Road to Damascus, The Risen Lord, and so much more.

Her cheer contagious. Her faith authentic.

Be cheerful no matter what. 1Thessalonians 5:16~The Message

Gifts of Grace

Tammy Mashburn