The morning sky progresses and changes before my eyes 

Faith in the unseen 


As I watch transformation from this…


to this…


Stepping in to grace, not so easy. Legalism lurks in my past. Feeds my OCD ways. Spreads fire through my strive for perfectionism. To break the bondage will be hard. Recovery in process. Always.

My sweet man and I read through the Bible together. Currently, we are on our third trip through. Our habit, to start where it all began, at the beginning. We traverse the pages front to back. Genesis to Malachi. Matthew to Revelation.

Genesis, Exodus come easy. Steeped in adventure and stiff~necked Israelites, truth reads as an epic adventure. Pages turn quickly, my heart beats faster.

As we draw nearer to Leviticus, there was much debate. “Do we really need to read all those laws again?” I asked. We sat on it a bit as Exodus drew closer to the end.

I googled, “why should we read Leviticus.” Of course I did. Scanned the articles. In the end, my conclusions came easy.

The law points us towards grace. Gives us a picture of a God of order. A God of purpose in the hard.

While my life spills to disarray, bleeds daily,  living the hard. To know my God is a god of order, and in control, brings me comfort.

When we pull out grace, all we have left is works. Rules. Laws. Regulations. The things that wear us down. Striving hardens the edges, causing them to be brittle. Grace softens. Softens my edges, my words, my ways.

Grace tumbles me towards the arms of God. I lean into them with a sigh. To rest here. EASY.

Gifts of Grace

Tammy Mashburn


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