One Dress. One Year.

by Bethany Winz with Suzanna Foth Aughtmon

~a book review~

One Dress. One year is a story written by a sixteen year old girl with a passion to end human trafficking.

Miss Winz love for Jesus and compassion for those who were not given any choices in life. Those caught up in human trafficking. The injustices of being robbed of soul, body, and choices, prompt her to step out in faith and take a risk. Her zeal and passion to do something and not simply be a bystander.

As she goes on her journey to raise money and awareness by wearing one dress, the same dress, every day, she soon discovers her own need for freedom. Freedom from perfectionism, pride and guilt. A journey of self discovery as well as raising awareness of human trafficking.

One Dress. One Year is an encouraging book for any one who feels the weight of injustice in today’s world. Her nuggets of statistics and information, eye opening and thought provoking.

The story and documentation of her year is personal as well as bold and courageous. The ups and downs and hard of choosing to make a stand are told with raw emotion and honesty.

I would recommend this book for anyone, young, old, or in~between, who feels the weight of human trafficking and its injustices.

Gifts of Grace

Tammy Mashburn