IMG_2233   and it was beautiful

by Kara Tippetts

~Book Review~

“I was here. I saw beauty. I embraced it.”

Kara Tippits

I have loved every word written by Kara since the day I first happened upon her story. This book will not disappoint!

Kara has the ability to share her story in such a way you feel as if you are in the room with her, invited in to her brokenness. Walking along beside her as she journeyed through the hard.

She turns the pages of her story with grace and beauty. It was not a pretty story. It was not the story she would have chosen. She was honest and raw with those words.

She shows us how to love big and live full when faith is thin. To honor those we love by not being hard in the hard. To live each moment without waste. To live in the present, fully. To live fully in His Presence.

“Hard is grace too. Don’t imagine yourself in the future, because that is you without the grace provided for that moment.”

And It Was Beautiful is inspirational, funny, happy, and sad wrapped up together in exquisite prose.

A Must Read, regardless of the season you are in! …and it was beautiful

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Tammy Mashburn