He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. Psalm 1:3~ESV


“There is no such thing as a wasted season.”

Kaitlyn E. Bouchillon~Even If Not

I have long since been able to run for miles and hours. These days I am quite content to meander around the yard a few minutes through out my day.

A few mornings ago, I eased my way down the steps, hands wrapped around a hot mug of steaming coffee. My faithful furry friend by my side. Frost lay heavy, crunching beneath our steps. Sun, high and bright, promising warmth teased my shoulders.

Days grow longer. The evening glow comes later and later. Things that have been lying dormant are waking slow. Unhurried. Leisurely. The past few days, warmth has crept in, surprising us all. I’m soaking it in. Sunshine blows through the open windows, mingles with the smell of dinner baking in the oven. Warmth, spices teasing my senses, doors thrown open wide, spring breathing life into this space.

Akin to spring waking, my body is slowly coming back to life. Forty~three days of aggressive treatment meant to breath life into my fragile bones laid me out flat, came to a close. ~insert PRAISE GOD and a happy dance here~

My body simply could not handle it.

It wasn’t time wasted.

In Acts, chapter three, a crippled beggar lays before the Beautiful Gate at the Temple, each day asking for money. Peter and John stopped one day, contemplated the beggar, commanded he look up at them. When he did, they gave him something better. Jesus. Life. Healing.

For forty~three days and the days that followed, I laid coaxing my body back to life. Stretched out before the Beautiful Gate. I begged for healing. Cried out “I can’t!”

Tears slipped down my face day after day.

“The boundaries of your current assignments are within the strength of God…Hope is a confidence that faith will give us the strength to push through every hard and trying circumstance.” 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit~Nicki Koziarz

Hands were placed on me. I was prayed over. My man, prayed over, as he watched this  wretched thing play out.

Healing takes many forms. Surprises in unexpected ways. Delights in places we’re not looking.

There before the Beautiful Gate, I learned that. Found it. Experienced healing.

Healing comes in realizing when you are there, in that place, you are within the strength of God. Realizing there is purpose in the place brings healing. Knowing He has placed his boundaries around you, becomes the healing.

I learned Jesus. Is. Enough.

I found that the normal~abnormal, never seemed so good.

Each day I find myself a bit closer to the normal~abnormal. It’s a slow process. Expected to take months.

Healing comes through learning a slower pace. Cultivates peace.

This season was not wasted.

In the normal~abnormal, complacency had seeped in. More relying on me, less relying on Him.

Laying there, I learned reliance on and in His Strength is my healing.

John McArthur said, “Healing was not a gift to believers to make them better.”

To be made better is not always the healing. The healing…the healing is Jesus himself.

“There will be moments, hard moments when God will be specifically loving your heart in hard ways. He will be there, and He is enough….When your life hands you unmet expectations, don’t move away from Jesus. Move toward Him, be near Jesus.

Kara Tippets~and it was beautiful 

Moving towards Jesus will bring healing. There’s a chance it may not come in the way you expected. His ways are higher than ours. There is greater purpose in all of this.

Healing often does not come in expected ways, but in the unexpected. In the unexpected there is beauty. Grace. Joy. ~TLM

Graced by God

Tammy Mashburn

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