“Because home is not the house we live in but the people whose pictures line the walls. Whose clothes sit piled on the dryer. Whose dishes sit waiting to be washed. And making a home is a daily sacrifice of creating and holding and being.’

Making It Home~Emily T. Wierenga

I was very excited when Baker Books gave me the opportunity to review this book. Wierenga’s previous book Atlas Girl is one of my all time favorites.

Like Atlas Girl, Making It Home does not disappoint. With her humble heart laid bare upon the pages, this book is a rare jewel. Her writing style, both whimsical and lyrical, will sing to your very soul.

The continuing love story between Emily and Trent, honest and transparent.

“Love takes time, sunshine, rain, weeding. There is no hurry in love, only waiting and resting. Like a plant, stretching.”

Through the journey of this story, Emily finally finds home through the everydayness of marriage, children, foster children, miscarriages, a writing career and deadlines.

“There’s something about making home with your hands, about feeding and clothing and cleaning and building in a very practical way that allows you to feel grateful and quietly awestruck.”

I absolutely love this book. I will lovingly place it on the shelf with Atlas Girl.

Gifts of Grace

Tammy Mashburn