You own the day, you own the night; you put the stars in place.

You laid out the four corners of the earth, shaped the seasons of summer and winter.

Psalms 74:16&17~The Message 

The Black~eyed Susans have begun to fade. Sunflower petals are dropping away.  School buses have started to roll. Mamas gently nudged their precious ones from the nest. Some down the corner to the neighborhood school. Some into spaces they’ll call their own.

There is a gradual shortening of days. The sunrise bursts into dawn a bit later. The evening glow comes much too soon.

I scroll thru Facebook to see pictures and posts of pumpkins,  lattes with pumpkin spice, crockpot recipes, all things fall. Cooler days, sweaters, and boots. Fire pits and smores. College football countdowns.

I am just not there yet. Fall, the Autumn Equinox, shorter days. Dragging out my old blue blanket to sit on the deck. Fuzzy socks on my feet. Not. There. Yet.

While the world seems to pass me by with lightening speed, I am choosing to be still.

To savor.

Savor the last juicy tomatoes. The fresh squash and okra. The smell of fresh cut grass. Children’s giggles as their ice cream melts, dripping down their chins.

Savor the stack of books yet to  be read before summer’s sweet end.

Savor. Savor the smallness of me as I lean upon the rail of our deck. Feet bare. Steam rising from my coffee cup. The morning star sits upon a blanket of pink. A God so big, He created all of this.

“When we are fully ourselves, He is fully glorified.” Sarah Mae~A Longing for Paris

This is my Paris. Summer. Slowing down. Learning to savor. Stacks of books.

The easy finding of His Grace in the hardness of life.

I entered Summer at lightening speed. Frenzied and frayed. Gripping fears and holding grudges way to tight. Fighting pride and the need to be big.

Consumed by all the bad. Missing The Light.

In the days that are left I will intentionally find contentment in the savoring. The smallness of things. Being still.

I will not feel pressed by September 23rd when at 4:21 am the Autumn Equinox will roll in.

For all of you who have moved on to the frenzied pace of packing lunches, checking off homework lists, and fighting the ticking of the clock, I urge you to find a place. To set aside a small amount of time to savor these last pleasures of summer.

To soak in the last of the outside giggles, cold watermelon, dripping ice cream on precious chins. Find the last firefly. Chase the last of the butterflies. Run through the water sprinkler. Walk barefoot upon the grass.

To be still before a great big God, who will make the ticking of the clock seem so small next to Him. Find contentment. Savor it all.

Search for His brief moments of Grace, where a window opens up and there you will find a peek of Heaven here on earth.

“Be still, and know that I am God!…” Psalms 46:10 

In the stillness, the smallness, the savoring of it all, you will find Him. Your heart will quiet, the beating slow. Your soul will find rest.

Graced by God

Tammy Mashburn

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