We said we’d walk together

Baby come what may

There come a twilight should we loose our way

If as we’re walking…A hand should slip free

I’ll wait for you…should I fall behind wait for me

We swore we’d travel side by side

But each lover’s steps fall so differently

But I’ll wait for you…should I fall behind baby wait for me

We sit quietly together, side by side. Thigh to thigh. Arm to arm. I feel his warmth. He absorbs my cold.  We stand to worship. Sing praises to the Lord. When I can stand no more, I sit down. He reaches back and takes my hand. Never. Fails.

When I showed him this picture. The one I took. He says he didn’t realize I noticed that or that it meant so much.

But it does. Mean so much.

I told him I often wondered about all those that sit behind. Perhaps they see this small gesture of tenderness and love. Maybe it is a witness. A witness to the struggling marriage, where tenderness is a rare gift that’s shared, if at all. A reminder to savor. Slow down. Learn to love again.

I remember the days. Days buried under the busy-ness of life. Raised the kids. Sat around an oak table every evening. Talked about our days.

The walks in the snow. The rounds of golf we played. Together. The crazy things we did. The laughter. The tears.

How he gave me space to chase my dreams. Loved enough to let me grow.

I’d love to tell you our steps never faltered. But they did. There was those times where one waited up ahead.  Sometimes me. Sometimes him. But wait we did. One for the other. Hashed it all out. Stood in the gap for our marriage. Fought in the trenches. Stood toe to toe.

Some things are worth that much.

I’ll be the first to admit, he gave way more grace and mercy than me.

Ruth Bell Graham once said, “A happy marriage is the union of two great forgivers.”

Everyone dreams of a love lasting and true

But you and I know what this world can do

So let’s make our steps clear that the other may see

I’ll wait for you…if I should fall behind you wait for me

Now there’s a beautiful river in the valley ahead

Beneath the old spot soon we will be wed

Should we loose each other 

In the shadow of the evening trees

I’ll wait for you…should I fall behind wait for me

Darling I’ll wait for you…should I fall behind…wait for me

If I Should Fall Behind~Bruce Springsteen

Twenty~eight years have now come and gone. So much has changed. How we live life differently. Travel a bit slower. Pass by the finer things of life. Savor the more important.

We were young, well I was (smile~he knows I can’t let that pass), and naive. To think those would be the best days. Full of life and energy and adventures. Oh, they were good to be sure.

But these days. These days to me are like standing on hallowed ground. More steps behind us than we have up ahead.

The tenderness of it all sometimes makes me weep.

Every touch, every reach back of his hand. Precious.

Every twilight shared in the evening glow. Priceless.

Each cup of coffee poured and shared first thing in the morning. One of the many gifts we count. Together.

I soak it all in. Intentional in not wasting a single moment to share.

Pray for many, many more.

There is something to be said for “old love”. It’s tried and true. Weathered. Battle scarred. Loyal. Tender.

It is a beautiful thing. One I treasure more than even in the early days.

…for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken~ Ecclesiastes 4:12

Graced by God

Tammy Mashburn