He is jealous for me

Loves like a hurricane

I am a tree

Bending beneath the weight of His mercy…

Oh how He loves me

Oh how He loves me

How he loves us all

How He Loves~David Crowder Band


I had a post planned for today. Been pondering over it for weeks. Sticky notes holding the places where I had made notes. Scribbled thoughts and scriptures.

Then this happened…

I was gazing out the window watching my sweet man walk our furry friend. He was caught completely unaware. He didn’t know I was standing there. Didn’t know I could see him.

A moment of tenderness washed over me in waves. Nearly brought me to my knees. I held my breath and took it all in.

I watched as he hobbled patiently along on his swollen feet. Feet that were shoved into his bedroom shoes. My heart swelled for the blessing of this. I prayed for his hurting feet and his aching knees.

Earlier in the evening, we had dinner outside on the deck. Watched the barn swallows fly all around us.

I leaned on him as we watered the flowers. He held my arm as we walked up the steps.

There is a hallowed tenderness in this season of life. I treasure it.

I list this glimpse of him as a blessing. A gift. A memory tucked away to be brought out on another day.

This was the second night in a row I had wiped tears.

Just the night before I had sat on the deck with nine other women. It was our last official “Connection Group” meeting.

The furry friend and barn swallows in our midst.

We shared thoughts and life as we studied His Word. Made connections, built relationships, answered hard questions.

Brought “full plates” of the hard things of life.

I have grown to love each of these women. The gifts they brought to the table. Some, they didn’t know they possessed. I have watched them grow. Open up and bare their hearts. Shed tears.

They have been patient with me. Eaten many a sub sandwich and bakery cookies, without complaint. (smile) They have quietly sat as I gathered the thought that had fled my muddled brain. Never acknowledged the dust in my house.

We were wrapping up. I jotted down a list of prayer requests.

I began to pray. I was struggling in these last minutes. Holding tight to my composure. It seemed such a weighty moment, this, our last official meeting.

I lost it near to the end. Of course, there was nary(southern mountain twang) a tissue anywhere close.

It was that one prayer request that got me. They know which one it was. That’s where it all began. The tears, the snot, the blubbering words.

It was in that moment that I became so convicted, so overwhelmed for young girls, ladies, tweenies too. There was this one thing, one thought, one assurance I wanted them to leave with.

Your identity. Your worth. Is. In. Christ. It is not in the world. It is not in the number on the scales or the size you wear. It is not in your clothes or the labels in them. It is not in our children, our grandchildren, or the men in our lives. Our Facebook or Pinterest page. Nor the color of our skin.

That man I watch out the window. The one who holds me up. Completes me. Though he is good and godly and I am blessed, my identity is not in him.

These things of the world, the people we love, the things we place our worth and identity in, they will hurt us. Let us down.

But HIM. The One that loves us so, He will never let us down.

…His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation. Psalm 100:5

You are precious and honored and He loves you (Isaiah 43:4). You are a chosen people…God’s own possession.(1Peter 2:9). “I have loved you,” says the Lord. (Malachi 1:2). “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” (Jeremiah 3:3)

He. Will. Not. Let. You. Down.

I want to hold each precious face with my hands, when I say this to you…fall in love with Him. Place your worth and your identity in Him. Feel Him, seek Him, as He loves you.

Graced by God

Tammy Mashburn