Hope in the Most Desperate Times: Guest Post

Dearest Reader, Help me welcome Kathy Howard to Redefining the Wilderness! Kathy has a new devotional, Deep Rooted: Growing through the Gospel of Mark. Grab your cup of coffee or hot tea and enjoy Kathy's wisdom! “Deep-Rooted: Growing through the Gospel of Mark.” This post...

Return To The Wilderness: Redefining the Wilderness

Return To The Wilderness Redefining the Wilderness Dearest Reader, More often than I'd want you to know (Because I need a lot of course correcting!), I feel a nudge in my spirit to course correct—a nudge to detour off the beaten path. Today is such a day. Several things,...

Choosing The Right Path: Redefining The Wilderness Amid Suffering

Choosing The Right Path Redefining The Wilderness Amid Suffering Delight In His Word Part Two Psalm 119:9-16 Dearest Reader,  Choosing the right path, the Way to flourish, and thrive during open-ended seasons of suffering produces a flourishing and thriving pilgrimage. The...

Hi! I’m Tammy Mashburn sharing with you my personal wilderness journey with Chronic Disease.

My desire is to redefine the wilderness through sowing God’s Word into hearts, nurturing our relationship with Him, and bearing Kingdom fruit.

I will be sharing personal stories, Bible Study, and how to live well in the midst of hardship.

I’d love to connect with you on social media. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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Nothing like a Friday in your doctor’s office because #mastcell reared it’s ugly head. #redefiningthewilderness #potssyndrome #pots #achroniclife #thewildernessplace
Thank you @hopehearthome!! Perfect timing! God’s timing! Thankful for you! ❤️
@anniefdowns over @shereadstruth with @biblewilliams and @raechelmyers sharing wisdom! #faithinpractice
Thank you @thekatieorr for the sweetest gift!
Beautified and dressed up watching for Santa! #Lola #lolaisahero #thewildernessplace #christmas2020
And so it goes the first appointment in a long season where there is no cure. The answers not exactly what you want to hear. Still these are the days where Jesus in his tenderness bends down to be near. To comfort and bring peace. Where He tends my heart with mercy and grace. Meets me with compassion and loves me like crazy. The best things are found in the hardest places. #redefiningthewilderness #pots #mastcellactivationsyndrome #dusautonomia #thewildernessplace #chronicillness #chroniclife

RETURN TO THE WILDERNESS today at Redefining the Wilderness!

“Abiding is Beholding who God is. When we abide, our deepest wounds will be touched by Jesus.”


#POTS #POTSSyndrome #dysautonomia #ChronicIllness #redefiningthewilderness #morningsintheword
Amid the hard, the suffering, pain, and open-ended-ness of 2020 there is Jesus! God wrapped in skin in all of his humanity coming down and gathering the brokenness of all that is me and you. Join me for @erinhwarren Advent Study: Way Maker! #feastingontruth #feastingontruthpodcast #advent2020 #womenintheword

“Who’s is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on the one she loves?”

Song of Songs 8:5 (CSB)

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