Generations Left Behind: Have We Given Up?

“When you are old you can look back and see yourself when you are young. It is almost like looking down from heaven. And you see yourself as a young woman, just a big girl really, half awake to the world.”

Wendell Berry-Hannah Coulter 

Dear Readers,

Have we given up too soon?

Generations gathered for a family wedding a few weeks back. Dark clouds hovered on the horizon. My precious family processing unwanted news. We gathered as we always have when storm clouds come near. Days before I packed my bag, folding my weariness into my sister’s van. I had prayed this precious time would be less about the impending storm, more about loving my people well. Loving one another well.

I brought home memories I will treasure a very long time. I find myself reliving our time together, pride in how my people love. How we gather to celebrate and grieve the unholy hard on the same dance floor. One does not cancel out the other. Joy and grief come together in one place. We held them both with grace. The beauty of it has left me breathless. Still processing. Still, in wonder of  it all.

I’ve been leaning in, listening to conversations around me. I hear terms such as Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Words of a lost generation gone bad. I ponder the question, “Have we given up too soon?”

I rattle the question around my mind. I stand on holy ground, watching a generation behind me get down on bended knee, place her younger hands on wrinkled, aged hands. I looked on as she spoke love, reassurance, and gave her the greatest gift. Her gift of presence. Wiping my tears, snapping a picture, tucking this sacred moment deep in my heart.

I wonder again, have we given up too soon? Have we labeled them without really seeing them?

Slapping labels on, rushing through our own self-important life, with no time for those behind us?

“Tell your children about it in the years to come and let your children tell their children. Pass the story down from generation to generation.” Joel 1:3 (NLT)

I listened to Sadie Robertson on the That Sounds Fun Podcast. Annie Downs posed this question, “What can we (meaning her generation) do for you, the younger generation? Sadie’s response, “Pave the way.” 

Are we paving the way for what society has deemed a lost generation? Am I, are you, taking the time to pour into those behind us? Or, merely leaving them to flail about?

I lead a group of women, most younger than me. I gather them in my home, hold them in my heart, doing the very best I can in my selfish flesh, to love them well.

Can I tell you what they do for me? I glean more wisdom from these precious daughters than I could ever impart. I have sat in my chair as they gather around and watched as they love me well, love each other well. As I learn from them.

Who am I to label a generation lost, if I’m not willing to turn around? Turn around, tell them my story. Tell them His story. Invest in their life.

Who am I to receive grace if I am not giving grace?

Gifts of Grace

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