Chronic Disease Comes With Many Layers

Chronic Disease comes with many layers. New layers arrive unannounced, catching me off guard. Dearest Reader, Summer in The Wilderness Place is in full bloom. Pleasant warmth has turned into oppressing heat. Our hummingbird feeder is in use, and I've had a conversation and...

What I Learned From the Disciples

What I Learned From the Disciples Help My Unbelief  Dearest Reader, We are speeding towards July. The Summer Solstice has come and gone. Dark grows longer than light. My flowers are exploding with blooms. I'm not sure where you are today, but as for me, I'm longing for...

Trusting In the Unseen: Surprised by God When You Cannot See Him

Trusting In the Unseen Surprised By God When You Cannot See Him Redefining the Wilderness by connecting to the Word of God and nurturing our relationship with Him.   Dearest Reader, When we connect to the Word of God, we nurture our relationship with Him, grow in our...

Hi! I’m Tammy Mashburn sharing with you my personal wilderness journey with Chronic Disease.

My desire is to redefine the wilderness through sowing God’s Word into hearts, nurturing our relationship with Him, and bearing Kingdom fruit.

I will be sharing personal stories, Bible Study, and how to live well in the midst of hardship.

I’d love to connect with you on social media. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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“Who’s is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on the one she loves?”

Song of Songs 8:5 (CSB)

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