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It’s spring, or so the calendar says, yet this week found us waking up to a cold, dark, dreary  rainy beginning, with more cold and frost forecasted for the week.  Farmers are scrambling to cover and protect their crops and I am scrambling to find warmth and Light in the dark. I don’t like rain, never have, and I definitely don’t like cold. No matter how hard I try, I find myself grumbling and complaining on these days. I could justify all this grumbling since my illness causes me to be so bone-chilling cold it’s miserable. Not to mention the barometric pressure and weather events wreak havoc with P.O.T.S. patients. But I remember a Man who carried a cross two thousand years ago on this particular week and never grumbled, never complained, and I try to tap down my own petty complaints. I grab my hot coffee, cover up with my blanket and go to my chair, the place where I begin my day every morning, and meet with God. The view from this chair is stunning. I watch The Master paint amazing sunrises as His creation comes to life every morning. But on this particular morning it’s dark and murky and I have to get raw and honest before the Lord, confessing my grumpiness and disappointment that this morning’s view is not going to be as beautiful as...

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Weeds & Idols

I recently picked up a book titled “Love Idol-Letting go of your need for approval and seeing yourself through God’s eyes” by Jennifer Dukes Lee. As I was reading the book, I didn’t realize I was building my own “love idol”, or at the very least bemoaning something I had lost. You see, for many years I was a runner. I was a runner with a runner’s physical body that comes from dedication, consistency and endurance. I loved to run. I loved my runner’s body (that should have set off an alarm or two) and how I could push my body. I loved the camaraderie of running with my friends, long runs, the early morning alarm, and all of the challenges that came with it. And then the morning came on January 19, 2013 when I literally fell on my face at mile 2 in a half-marathon. Life as I knew it came to an abrupt halt and hasn’t been the same since. After months of tests, symptoms upon symptoms and finally near incapacitation, I was diagnosed with P.O.T.S. or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Long story short, my brain does not communicate with my heart and your body does not retain salt, which stabilizes your blood pressure. P.O.T.S. is a debilitating disease without a cure. It requires salt tablets, beta-blockers, blood pressure medication and drinking lots of Gatorade. Now,...

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Window Displays

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, God’s own purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and DISPLAY the virtues and perfections of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”  1Peter 2:9AMP As I was reading this particular scripture this morning the word display really resonated with me. It prompted me to think about what I, as a woman of God, put on display. As God’s chosen people, women of God, we are called to display the perfections of Him who called us out of darkness, His marvelous light, His works, the very Essence of Him.  I pictured myself as a “window display” for God and began to take an inventory. Am I, are you, displaying the virtues of God? When others look into my window do they see the Fruits of The, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control? Am I clothed in compassion, tender hearted mercy and humility? What do people see when they pass me by, can they see that I have been called out of darkness and into His marvelous light? I hope and pray so.   My friends, I have been in the dark, in the pit where He pursued me, pulled me out, bloody, scraped, and raw into His marvelous Light, cleaned me up and clothed me in...

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