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A Week of Examination

This has been a week of examination for me. Literally. Physically. Spiritually. We literally made the one day marathon trip to Duke Medical Center. Labs drawn, flu shot, ekg, physical examination, and a long discussion with my specialist on new strategies. Much as I hate this trip and all it represents to my “new normal” life, it becomes a time out of time for me and my sweet man. We ride up the road, sharing, talking, laughing, holding hands. Simply being~being together. No interruptions. A pit stop to at The Blue Ribbon Diner for chocolate chess pie. And closer to home, exercising our right to vote. Thirteen and a half hours later we were tuckered out. And blessed. I can never go there and not leave feeling blessed beyond measure. Thankful for what is. Thankful for what is not. It’s in that place that God shows me there is so much worse. Where He gives me a glimpse of those suffering alone. No one to hold their hand.  Some too close to counting their days. Time already spent, with not much left. This has also been a week of spiritual examination as well. Tonight we will meet with our Connection group, break bread, and share communion. A group of people from various ages and stages sharing life, a love for Jesus, His Word, a longing to know Him better...

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Owning our Softness

“Beauty is not something the mirror can tell you. Beauty is not measurable. It’s not a size, or a fashion accessory, or any kind of look. Beauty cannot be captured by Maybelline or Hollywood or YouTube.”  6 Things You Need to Tell Your Daughter~Emily Wierenga (Author of Atlas Girl) There’s so many ways to go, so many things begging to be said about the above quote. So much on my heart. Pressing in. I am a mother that watched her precious, beautiful daughter struggle with an eating disorder. For the longest time never quiet becoming comfortable in her own skin. Helpless does not even began to describe how I felt during this time. Watching your child struggle with her own demons. Watching as she tried to force herself to be something the world demanded. Trying to fit into a mold that was not her. Making her own beautiful self melt into nothingness. Fading away inside and out. I had my own struggles at this time in our lives. But not this one. Not during this time…anyway. As she attempted to control her body, I was controlling everything around me. OCD kicked in big time. I couldn’t fix the dearest thing in the world to me, so I went about fixing everything around me. Mopping, dusting, vacuuming obsessively. I became the windex queen. It took some time for God to...

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Counting the Days

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12 NIV In five days and a couple of hours, we will change time. Fall back. Loose an hour. In a few days children will be dressed up as pumpkins, ghosts, and disney characters. Carrying pumpkin buckets and collecting candy. Thanksgiving comes in thirty days. The winter solstice will arrive in fifty-five days. Christmas in fifty-eight. These are the days that seem to roll towards us like a steamroller. Busy days. Days where our focus becomes unfocused. Dazed and confused going round in circles it seems. Entangled with relentless “to do” lists and a heaping pile of endless things to do. Time, money, common courtesy, Christ-like love, and patience in short supply. I’m counting the days. I dread the time change. Dread days with more dark than light. And Christmas, these days it makes me feel less than adequate. Coming from a time where want and more were instilled into our generation and those that followed. And winter. Let’s just say me and “Old Man Winter” don’t exactly get along. I’m already freezing and it’s not even really cold yet. Most folks are just now moving into their comfort zone and I’m in fuzzy socks. 2015 arrives in sixty four days. After the craze and daze of the holiday season, most of us can...

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When Rot Seeps In

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1Peter 5:8 ESV As fall settled in, my sweet man took me to buy some pumpkins and mums to decorate with and pansies to plant. The bunnies quickly made a buffet out of the pansies, making for another trip on another day. Wanting a bit of fall inside, I brought two of my pumpkins in to decorate with really cute accessories. Within a short amount of time, the smallest pumpkin, began to rot. “She” (named Frankie by my grandchildren)  was really cute with funky eyes, a heart shaped nose, pink lips, and red high heels. But the thing about these cute little pumpkin “dress ups”,  you have to pierce the pumpkin. Poke holes in it. Puncture it with the cute accessories. And once you puncture a pumpkin’s skin, decay begins. Seems in no time at all I began to notice a little softening around the stem. Quickly the softening turned to full throttle rot, with gnats flying around. And soon my cute little pumpkin, had melted into an ugly heap. Yuck. I picked up the pieces and washed them. Scooped up the rot and tossed it into the field. *** Life pokes holes into our faith. The hard things pierce our soul. Punctures the heart. And before you know it, rot...

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