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A Peek Through The Window

 “Simplicity is the way to seeing things clearly.” Oswald Chambers “…I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in!” Malachi 3:10b~NLT I was dressing for my junior prom. The dress, my mom and I had traveled to find, was a tiny thing. Flowing and feminine. The color, blue, mirrored my eyes. Clear as day I remember my Mama zipping it up, patting my little tummy and saying, “goodness girl, you almost look pregnant.” A few weeks later morning sickness showed up with a vengeance. It occurred to me, Mama might be right. A woman child, with child. That was me at the tender age of seventeen. A junior in my small town high school. Me. The good girl. Oldest child. The responsible one. Daughter of the King, child of a drunk. A bone tired, weary mom, who loved us big and laughed loud. Put up with much. Tried way to long, to make it all right. One wrong leads to another.  Backed into a corner, not wanting to heap any more load onto my mother’s shoulders, I did the only thing I knew to be right. I married the boy. Him a senior, me, another year of high school. Weeks later, he graduated. We set up housekeeping in a quaint, four room...

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making it home~a book review

  “Because home is not the house we live in but the people whose pictures line the walls. Whose clothes sit piled on the dryer. Whose dishes sit waiting to be washed. And making a home is a daily sacrifice of creating and holding and being.’ Making It Home~Emily T. Wierenga I was very excited when Baker Books gave me the opportunity to review this book. Wierenga’s previous book Atlas Girl is one of my all time favorites. Like Atlas Girl, Making It Home does not disappoint. With her humble heart laid bare upon the pages, this book is a rare jewel. Her writing style, both whimsical and lyrical, will sing to your very soul. The continuing love story between Emily and Trent, honest and transparent. “Love takes time, sunshine, rain, weeding. There is no hurry in love, only waiting and resting. Like a plant, stretching.” Through the journey of this story, Emily finally finds home through the everydayness of marriage, children, foster children, miscarriages, a writing career and deadlines. “There’s something about making home with your hands, about feeding and clothing and cleaning and building in a very practical way that allows you to feel grateful and quietly awestruck.” I absolutely love this book. I will lovingly place it on the shelf with Atlas Girl. Gifts of Grace Tammy Mashburn...

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Boundaries and Resets

 “Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” Psalms 16:5~6 NIV I sat in my chair, coffee in hand. Books and Bible, pen and journal splayed across my lap. Rain softly patters out a gentle tune. Fog, thick as pea soup, surrounds me. Windows open. A light current of damp and dewy earth floats gently in. I love it in this place where bare feet and soul cling to holy ground. A place where I am not near worthy to be. The place where abundant grace and mercy beckon to me. Where forgiveness, undeserving, washes over me. From bed to floor to coffee pot; unholy, hateful thoughts have already creeped into the cracks of my fragile faith. My stubborn and selfish heart. “…and we take captive every thought to make it  obedient  to Christ.”  2 Corinthians 10:5b  So I try. Try to take captive every thought. I wouldn’t know how to be, if I ever I failed to make it to this place. A mess. In fact, my history has proven that.  I can’t stay here all day. I want to. I want to stay here; wrapped in a cocoon of Light and warmth and security. But Jesus beckons me to leave this place. Calls me to...

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The Road To Becoming~A Book Review

 “When the world keeps going in spite of your suffering, you begin to realize that true grief is observed alone… The hardest part of my world crumbling was realizing that nobody else’s was.”  Jenny Simmons~The Road To Becoming: Rediscovering Your Life In The Not~How~I~Planned~It Moments When I was given the opportunity to review The Road To Becoming by Baker Books, I did not realize the author was a part of Addison Road. Was and is Addison Road. I have listened to Addison Road’s music, have it on my playlist in fact. To open these pages and see the backstory of Jenny’s life took my breath away. She tells her story with gut~raw honesty, transparency, and humility. There was not a pretty bow to wrap it up with. Her courage to pour her life onto these pages, refreshing. She poses the question, “Can I live my story well even if ______ doesn’t happen?” She goes on to say, “Happily~ever~after is overrated. The frayed pieces of dreams and unanswered prayers are reminders that sometimes things work themselves out the way Jesus Himself did, in dirty barns, in darkness, on the run, and completely unbecoming. Turns out, in the unbecoming moments, we are becoming.”  Once again Baker Books has delivered a book that will be placed on the top shelf as one of my all time favorites. Grab this book up today!...

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