Author: Tammy L. Mashburn

Loss In Gains: What We Lose With Our Gains

The loss comes through our gains. Buried beneath our hurried up world, we have lost the art of simple things that bring us joy and peace. Simplicity quiets our soul. Dearest Readers, Gray skies lay near the ground; substantial rain pours on The Wilderness Place. Damp cold seeps into my aching bones, I move through days like this one step at a time, one thing at a time, adjusting goals, accepting today will call for more rest. Thoughts of my Sweet Granny surrounded me as I stood at the dryer early this morning folding bedding, corner to corner, neat and tidy....

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Desperate Faith: How Far Am I Willing To Go?

Desperate faith will reach beyond the farthest extreme.  Dearest Reader, January is coming to a close, and we move closer to the hope of Spring. My cranky bones are longing to languish in the warm sunshine. I suspect I am not alone, that you too are hoping and waiting. Desperate faith! Desperate Faith… I have been contemplating Mark, chapter two and the desperate faith of four men. For most of us, Winter is hard, at times stifling, I search for encouragement. In their desperation, four men, friends of the palsied man found in this passage of Scripture give me a...

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Hope In The Hopeless: A Walk In The Snow

“Hope felt beyond my reach from my wheelchair, while the words, “no cure,” beat hopeless through my bones. Where was the magic pill, the specialist who could change it, give me back my life? Five years ago I sat frozen in fear, choking on panic. Where do we go from here?” Photo by STUDIOLARSEN Dearest Readers, This time last week we were blanketed with five-plus inches of snow. The Wilderness Place insulated in quiet beauty with time seeming to stand still. I sat curled up in the corner of my sofa in all things fuzzy and warm, scrolling social...

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Fighting Fear: A Prayer For The Weary

“There is no fear in love; instead, perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment. So the one who fears is not complete in love.” 1 John 4:18 (CSB) Dearest Readers, There is a hush in The Wilderness Place; snow continues to fall. The quiet settles my soul, and I find myself resting in the sacred place. Once again, I am reminded in Him there is perfect peace. Peace, the life-raft tossed into the murky waters of living with chronic illness. Calmness washes away my fear. I catch it and grip it in my hands. This is exactly...

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Boundaries: Why We Need Them

Boundaries protect me from the known as well as the unknown. Dearest Reader, As I thought of you earlier, considered my life with chronic illness, the word boundaries came to mind. I refer to this land we call home The Wilderness Place. The view from our deck is wide open space. If I were to let our Sweet Lola out, minus her leash,  she would run as far and as fast as she could. Chasing field mice and grasshoppers, flushing out the occasional quail. It’s not safe for her. In the heat of summer, I fear the venomous snakes that...

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