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Talking To Jesus: Book Review & A Give Away

Dearest Readers,  I am excited to share another book review and an opportunity for you to win a copy of Jeannie Blackmer’s Talking To Jesus. Stay tuned for details and while you’re here if you have not entered to win a copy of Faith Girlz Backpack Bible and Brave Beauty by Lynn Cowell, two great resources for young girls, there is still time!  “I depend on prayer because life is unpredictable and mostly out of my control. Talking to Jesus is how we communicate with him and he with us.” Talking To Jesus by Jeannie Blackmer Talking To Jesus...

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Knowing Before the Seeing: Upside Down Advent

Are we willing to invest in knowing The Messiah? Can we know the Messiah, the Christ Child, God in man, before we see Him? Dearest Readers,  We find ourselves in the season of rushing, when time bullies and bosses us around. Our to-do list is longer than Santa’s. We long for quiet and time to just be. Time to contemplate, sit by the lights, and ponder the Christ Child. I wonder if He were to come through my door would I know Him? Would I recognize Him? Would I even slow enough to take the time to open my...

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Brave Beauty and Follow Your Heart Bible: Review

Follow Your Heart Bible NIV Faith Girlz Backpack Bible and Brave Beauty Finding the Fearless You by Lynn Cowell Dearest Readers, Today I have a sweet opportunity for you, especially if you have a tweenie or young teen in your life! I have a copy of each book to give away in time for Christmas. Each of these books, A Faith Girlz NIV Backpack Bible or Lynn Cowell’s Brave Beauty, would make an excellent gift! You will find instructions on your chance to win at the end of this review. You will find instructions on your chance to win...

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Fullness in the Feasting: Slipping Near the Edge

Fullness comes when feasting at the Master’s Table. His hands, they open wide and beckon me out of the cold, the emptiness, the broken edges, and unholy hard. -TLM Dearest Reader, I have missed you so. I have thought of you and prayed for you. I feel as if my life slid over sharp edges, leaving me reeling and hanging on the edge with clenched hands. These are the days of unholy hard that comes from living with chronic illness.  The fullness of my days has worn me weary. I know this well by now, four-plus years living this...

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Faith That Takes Action: Living Our Fullest Potential

Faith that takes action will lead us to our fullest potential. Lead us through a gateway of hope into a place of rest.  “But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again. In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up in him for eternal life.” John 4:14 (CSB) Dearest Readers,  I spent three and a half days in Nashville, Tennessee drinking from The Well, blessed to attend LifeWay’s Women’s Leadership Forum. Though my body is rebounding in painful ways, leaving me empty of strength,...

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