Nourish the soul should be a daily practice that will keep spiritual depletion from occurring. 

Dearest Reader,

I am taking a page out of my journal today by nourishing my body and soul. I had the experience of presenting (in a small way) and participating in an online retreat this past weekend. A much-needed retreat.

I will be posting a link where you can purchase the retreat soon.

Between My Year of Trust and life in The Wilderness Place, I have become desperately depleted.

Taking time to nourish the soul should be a daily discipline.

Not only was my soul depleted, my body as well.

Not only was my soul depleted, but my body has also been fighting. Colds, body aches from days of winter’s bitter cold and damp and not nearly enough margin in my life for rest.

The irony is, I am currently leading Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe Bible Study. I received a wooden sign that says, “Just Breathe.” What a way to live a lesson, right? God teaches us through our daily living and in this particular season, overextending.

We nourish our soul by meeting with God.

We nourish our soul by having a time and place where you regularly meet with God. Nourishing and caring for our bodies when we recognize the need is crucial to soul-health. Healthy diet and exercise are also necessary.

I asked Siri to define nourish, and this is what she told me: 

1. Provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. 2. Enhance the fertility of soil. 3. Keep (a feeling or belief) in one’s mind, typically for a long time. 

Siri is spot on!

I am providing rest for my body, margin for quiet while tending my mind and soul with God’s Word.

The short story is this; I am taking a page out of my journal.

I am cutting this post short, resting, and taking a long nap. I’ll be reading a good book later this afternoon. As for the rest of the week, I’ll be catching up at a slower pace.

Meanwhile, I am sharing with you my favorite line from Andrew Peterson’s The Sower’s Song:

“So I kneel at the bright edge of the garden at the golden edge of dawn

at the glowing edge of spring when winter’s edge is gone.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (CSB)

“There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven.”

Today is a day of rest, refreshing, refilling, and healing. I wish you the same.

From The Wilderness Place,

Your Wilderness Guide,

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