“In thirty-one plus years of marriage, the daily rhythm of Reading Through the Bible has taken intimacy in our relationship to another level.”

Dearest Reader,

For some years, my Sweet Man and I have been reading through the Bible together; Genesis to Revelation and back to Genesis, a continuous cycle.

Yes, even Leviticus.

In thirty-one plus years of marriage, the daily rhythm of Reading Through the Bible has taken intimacy in our relationship to another level.

Before you read any farther into this post, I need you to know something.

Through the once and for all blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the lense of grace, you do not have to read the book of Leviticus to receive the saving grace of Jesus.

Why not skip Leviticus as we are reading through the Bible?

Several times, my Sweet Man and I considered skipping the book of Leviticus. Each time we came to that place, we would urge one another through the reading. We pulled out commentaries and dedicated time to learning the historical context, and its purpose for the Israelites.

Over several passes through the book, God began to open my eyes. In twenty-seven chapters of laws, God set boundaries for the Israelites to protect them, just as He sets limits for our protection.

God’s Sacred Text is not merely a set of rules with a lot of do’s and don’ts. It is alive and active, continuing to speak, teach, and lead us in our ever-changing circumstances.

What Have I Learned from Leviticus?

The phrase, “I am the Lord, be holy (set-apart) as I am holy,” is threaded throughout Leviticus. What does that mean for us?

Genesis 1:26a says, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness.”’

  • We are image bearers, created to reflect the image of God. Therefore, our words, actions, and decisions should reflect God in all things. 
  • We are to be holy as God is holy-set apart as His people. To be set apart for God is not to live a life that dishonors God or His Word.

“Holiness is an attribute of God that we can reflect. Take a minute to marvel at that thought.”

Jen Wilkin from In His Image

Another repeated theme throughout Leviticus is Sabbath Rest.

Sabbath Rest has become a hot topic in today’s culture. We are overextended, overworked, overexposed, overtired, overspent, and just about every other over that just ran across your mind as you were reading these descriptions. As you are reading this, I imagine, that like me, you are nodding your head at that statement. We are longing for margin, quiet, and rest. We long for time away to be with the Lord in the stillness.

When we are intentional with Sabbath Rest: 

  • There is an abundant harvest.
  • Our relationships are stronger and better.
  • We are more present with our loved ones.
  • Decisions, less overwhelming.
  • Sleep more restful.
  • We feel more joy.
  • There is a stillness in our souls, allowing us to hear God.

“When we are dangerously tired we are unable to be our best selves, we find it difficult to make wise and discerning decisions, we hoard energy rather than being able to give ourselves freely to others, and our bodies may begin to break down under the stress and strain of it all.”

Ruth Haley Barton from Invitation to Retreat

In closing

If you are considering Reading Through the Bible, do not let Leviticus scare you away. Read it through the lens of grace, that God through his mercy gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ that you may have access to Him anytime.

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