Lessons learned through the window take me back to John, chapter 15, abiding and remaining.

Lessons learned are of deep roots and flowing streams of Living Water.

Dearest Readers,

I missed you last week; I took some much needed time away from my desk before I move into a busy season. It was also a week of doctor’s appointments, though I’m grateful to have them, they are time-consuming.

The pear tree is looking a bit tired as she has finished her job of bearing sweet fruit. We will soon prune her broken branches.

She has taught me many life lessons as I continue to gaze at her through the glass. In her worn out state and furled leaves, there is beauty in her quiet season.

She’s less cumbersome in the breeze today than when she was heavy with fruit. There’s a lightness in her limbs I envy.

Again and again, God takes me back to John 15 and reminds of abiding and remaining in Him.

To trees planted by flowing streams and deep roots. How I need them. How we all do. How we need the freedom that comes from roots deeply planted in God’s love.

I gaze through the window, listening, recording. How deep are my roots? Are they diseased, weak, or healthy?

What are the lessons I am learning?

  • You can have broken branches and still be beautiful.
  • Deep roots grow strong hearts.
  • Taking delight in God carries the weight of bearing fruit.
  • There are seasons of bearing fruit, and there are seasons of bareness.
  • There are seasons of rest, resting by streams of Living Water.
  • Be still and know that He is God.
  • Make time to listen.
  • Without deep roots, there is a risk of toppling over, being stripped bare, and finally, death.
  • Without Living Water, disease creeps in, and we begin to rot.

What I am learning is that lessons repeat themselves in our lives. Repeating them brings growth, and growth comes with deep roots and bears fruit.

We become stronger when our broken branches come off, though the pruning hurts.

The truth is my days are hard, and the pain is overwhelming. But I know God is growing something beautiful in this place.

Each morning as I show up and meet with Him, gazing through the window, I am choosing to thrive and not merely survive.

I pray you too will choose the same.

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