“Have you ever noticed how many silences there are Gilbert? The silence of the woods….of the shore….of the meadows….of the night….of the summer afternoon. All different because the undertones that thread them are different.”

Lucy Maud Montgomery (2016). “The Complete Novels of Lucy Maud Montgomery – 20 Titles in One Volume

Dearest Readers,

June twenty-first at 6:07 am, I sat on the deck with coffee in hand, marking the arrival of the Summer Solstice. There is irony at that moment, the longest day of the year leads us towards shorter days and new seasons. I am never quite ready for either. I enjoy the slow unfolding of summer, longer days, more daylight, open windows, and deck sitting while watching the moon come up.

I am a summer person, though I pass on the fireworks and watermelon. It is the silence of hot, summer afternoons that beckon me. The long evening glow woos me as I melt into the night. I am most happy, most me on these long summer days. And, yet, I struggle to practice presence in my fear of summer speeding away, spilling through my fingers like grains of sand.

June Highlights

I pray your July is full of watermelon, fireworks, ice cream, and family time!

I will see you here next week!

Gifts of Grace

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