Boundaries protect me from the known as well as the unknown.

Dearest Reader,

As I thought of you earlier, considered my life with chronic illness, the word boundaries came to mind. I refer to this land we call home The Wilderness Place. The view from our deck is wide open space. If I were to let our Sweet Lola out, minus her leash,  she would run as far and as fast as she could. Chasing field mice and grasshoppers, flushing out the occasional quail. It’s not safe for her. In the heat of summer, I fear the venomous snakes that may be hiding in the tall grass. The coyotes that often stand near, watching us with a keen eye. Her leash tethers her to safety and protects her, just as boundaries safeguard you and me.

Boundaries shelter me as I walk through my wilderness. At first glance, they seem restrictive and harsh, but they are not.

I need my life to be as simple as possible, my home safe and clutter free. We chose smaller for this reason, yet the urge for bigger sometimes overwhelms me. My Sweet Man reminds me of this often.

Removing Netflix and television from my days keeps me from falling into despair and wallowing in self-pity.

My body requires margin for rest. Rest isn’t always what I want for the day but in reality it protects me.

Listening when emphatically told not drive, (typically with a fair amount of foot stomping) when I desire to drive across town and meander through every aisle at Target. This is one boundary My Sweet Friend makes sure to keep, keeping us all safe! (smile)

It is the same in my spiritual life. What seems restrictive is saving me from the sins that tempt, taking me out of His will.

Boundaries keep us on the path of life and blessing.

The one who follows instruction is on the path to life, but the one who rejects correction goes astray.” Proverbs 10:17 (CSB)

Borders lead us into a spacious place where we can rest in The Lord.

He brought me out to a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19 (CSB)

What boundaries might you need in your life today?

Gifts of Grace

PS: Simplify is my word for 2018, you can read about it here.

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I’m blessed to serve you in this place, to share with you the Gifts of Grace as I journey through the wilderness. I picture you across the table, hands wrapped tightly around your cup, sharing life, and laughter, and tears. As I share with you, my daily struggles, I long to hear what yours may be. You can do that by commenting below or reaching out to me here.