“We are drawn by a voice of beauty. We are held by a voice of truth.”

Denise J. Hughes – Deeper Waters

I have shed tears, I have done the work of walking through the valley, crossing the mountaintop. I have found and seen a faithful God whom I so badly want for you to find in your own wilderness. I am determined to grow something good in this place.

Isn’t the wilderness enough? Isn’t this kind of change enough? This hard, unexpected, unimaginable “thing”?

How have I survived this? How can I thrive here? How can you?

I thrive by feasting on His Word. Days there’s only a crumb to be had. The crumbs lure me into coming back and coming back for more. When I am faithful to meet Him every day, faithful to drag the weight of His love story for me across my lap and open the pages, the crumbs add up to a banquet. I fall in love more and more each day.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the person who takes refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8 (CSB)

Pouring coffee, settling in at my desk, I open my Bible and journal, and line up my favorite pens. I fell in love in this place, dark mornings, blanket tossed over my legs, hands wrapped around my mug. It’s the darkness, the quiet that first calls to me.

“I am drawn by the voice of beauty.” The voice of the One who calls me. Beckons me, and pursues me.

The next thirty-one days is a peek into my survival guide as I walk through the wilderness of chronic illness. I hope, Dear One, the words will become your survival guide as you walk through your own wilderness – whatever, wherever, that may be.

Day 1    Lingering: Martha and Mary

Day 2    From Baptism to the Wilderness

Day 3    Tending the Garden of My Heart

Day 4  The Good Shepherd Leads With His Voice

Day 5  Hearing or Telling: Which Do I Need to Do?

Day 6  Do You Know Me? Seen In The Everyday Small Ordinary Places

Day 7  Sleeping On The Job? Praying in The Garden

Day 8  A Prayer For Your Sunday

Day 9  Heart Matters: Guard Your Heart

Day 10 Sealed and Validated: Under Ownership

Day 11  Desperate For A Glimpse

Day 12 Grace in Hollow Places: A Tender Heart

Day 13  Broken Before The Cry

Day 14 Seeking and Searching With All Our Hearts

Day 15  A Prayer for Your Sunday from Psalm 19

Day 16 Do Your Work and Stop Comparing

Day 17 The Cost of Idolatry; Self Destruction, Secrecy, and More

Day 18 Characteristics of Spiritual Growth

Day 19 Weapons of Defense: Fighting For Your Soul

Day 20 Finding Life: The Valley of Dry Bones

Day 21 Clothed With Christ: What Am I Wearing

Day 22 A Prayer For Your Sunday From Psalms 119:10-19

Day 23 Pride Empties The Soul

Day 24 Calm In The Storm: Surviving In The Wilderness

Day 25 Choosing To Sink or Swim: Jumping Overboard

Day 26 Finding Freedom: Caught In The Net

Day 27 Hoarder or Giver: Feeding The Broken 

Day 28 Judging Others: Looking Beyond the Closed Door

Day 29 A Prayer For Your Sunday from Psalms 100

Day 30 Run Your Race: The Wilderness Marathon

Day 31 Feeding Your Soul