IMG_1957       “So I tell this story…I cannot compress the largeness of it. I tell it because it is meant for more than just us; it is a resting place for anyone who is wondering where God is in their hurt. Because when we are asking that question is when we have the greatest opportunity to find Him. It doesn’t feel like that in the middle of the story, not when you are living right in the middle of the open book. it does not feel like that when everything burns down to ashes, when the fractured dreams are still smoldering and it seems impossible to redeem the rubble, let alone create something beautiful from it.”

This book captivated me from the first page. I simply could not gobble up the words fast enough.

Each time Scarlette was in danger, I found myself holding my breath along with her mother. Quickly turning the pages.

Aimee’s questioning of God, honest, raw, and transparent.

In the small things she found to give thanks in, an inspiration to the reader.

I found this book relatable to any hard thing one may be going through. Resonating with anyone who is asking the hard question, “Where are you in this, God?”

I loved this book and would highly recommend it!

“I bent under the weight of stewarding well this story of what was broken. I sat in front of the blank pages and thought about how big the world is and how many other stories are far more tragic than this one that was so personal to me.

I hoped that this storytelling would be a sweet communion, that this small offering of mine would be multiplied.”

Gifts of Grace

Tammy Mashburn