Dancing With Grace: Moving Forward

Dancing with grace, the eternal beauty of God, and bumping into the hard edges of life, is a life of authenticity while living in shattered brokenness. 

Dearest Reader,

I have been thinking of you, praying for you as I laid on the ultrasound table, and sat in waiting rooms while asking the question, “How much more?’ 

When dancing with grace, the eternal beauty of God, and all the while bumping into the hard edges of life, is a life of authenticity while living in shattered brokenness. 

Dancing with grace, the eternal beauty of God, and all the while bumping into the hard edges of life is hard.

There are days when I do this well, days of just okay, and days when I contemplate the depth of my physical brokenness. It is when I come to the end of myself; I step onto the dance floor of unending grace that I become whole again. The gentle breeze becomes His caress upon my face, and I’m reminded once again of Solomon’s words.

Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on the one she loves? Song of Solomen 8:5 (CSB)

The Dance Of Grace

What does this dance of grace resemble?  

The dance of grace resembles a wrestling match more so than an elegant ballet.

Transformation happens when I step into the arms of Grace and Grace takes the lead, the breath in my lungs escape on a sigh. Suddenly, the hard edges of life seem far away, and I want more. More of His grace, more of His leading, His carrying, and His peace.

The wrestling stops as I lean upon his shoulder.

The dance of grace is precisely this, the leaning, the whispered sighs, and gentle breezes caressing my face.

I can thrive on the hard edges of life, the wrestling finished.

Where are you today, Dearest One?

Are you wrestling or dancing? Are you merely surviving?

I’ll leave you with Ruth Chou Simons words from her beautiful, GraceLaced book:

“God is:

  • Wound-Binder
  • Heart-Healer
  • Star-Namer”
He heals the brokenhearted
and bandages their wounds. He counts the number of the stars;
he gives names to all of them.

Psalms 143:3-4 (CSB)

Gifts of Grace

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