Laying the Foundation: Ezra, Chapter Three

Laying the foundation stirs joy and sadness, worship, and weeping for the Israelites.  The older men wept, the younger ones praised and worshiped together as one.  Ezra, Chapter 3  Dearest Reader, Autumn has made an appearance in the south. Sweaters, pumpkin scented...

The Exiles Return: Ezra, Chapter Two-Read Through the Bible

The Exiles Return Home Ezra, Chapter Two Dearest Reader, Today, we turn to Ezra, chapter two: The Exiles Return. At first glance, you may want to close the Bible quickly. We scan the pages, seeing names and numbers, and our eyes glaze over. How many times have we thumbed...

Ezra and the Proclamation: Read Through the Bible

Ezra and the Proclamation Chapter One Dearest Reader, We were introduced to Ezra the Scribe last week. Today, open the pages to Ezra, Chapter One. Join me on this journey through Ezra and Nehemiah. Think of it as a treasure hunt! [Tweet "Join me on this journey where...

Hi! I’m Tammy Mashburn sharing with you my personal wilderness journey with Chronic Disease.

My desire is to redefine the wilderness through sowing God’s Word into hearts, nurturing our relationship with Him, and bearing Kingdom fruit.

I will be sharing personal stories, Bible Study, and how to live well in the midst of hardship.

I’d love to connect with you on social media. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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“Who’s is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on the one she loves?”

Song of Songs 8:5 (CSB)

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